'Sexting' US banned words... tweets, sexting, unfriend

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Fifteen particularly over-or mis-used words and phrases have been declared "shovel-ready" to be "unfriended" by a US university.. The list includes: sexting, unfriend, tweets and more...

ake Superior State University issued their 35th annual list of words that they believe should be banned after thousands of nominations of words and phrases commonly used in marketing, media, technology and elsewhere.

"Purging our language of 'toxic assets' is a 'stimulus' effort that's 'too big to fail,'" said a university spokesman.

The Doom of 2012 Robotics

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The rise of robotics is on its way. This video will show that in the near future, the Rise of the Machine will rule. With current skills and capabality of the robotics on this video, you can conceptualize the 2012 revolution of robotics.

More project and robotics innovation are ongoing on this labratory: http://www.k2.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index-e.html. I was amazed with the actions and skills of this robotics, it a combination high precision sensory, robotics arms and more.. Great!!!!! I can imagine skynet from this videos.

Free site to Trade-In your Stuffs!

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Trade and Post your Stuffs Here Online Trading of Item.. and Meet ups.

Trading My Stuffs allows you to trade items and barter services wiith users from all over the Philippines. Unlike the common auction-based website, Trading My Stuffs is entirely free to use.

That's true - pay no listing fees, no transaction and commission fees. Trading My Stuffs users can trade services and items they have for services and items they want without having to send payment or sell at a lose. The best part of it all users can meet-up and trade items in person - right you trade your item and you'll have a chance to meet your fellow trader at nereast location.

Trading My Stuffs offers different types of functionalities like item swapping, exchanging online game credits, and bartering services. Trading My Stuffs is the platform of iteraction where anyone can establish profitable trade deals in return for various products and services.

Having Problem with Facebook Privacy Settings?

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how to fix facebook privacy settings

There is nothing about Facebook that is too complex or confusing to figure out that TWO MINUTES of diligent searching and clicking around won't cure. I never understood people's big gripes over the site...just deal with it!

I don't see what the problem is either. Since I had already gone into my privacy setting months ago (If you didn't before I don't see that you have any right to complain now) The new settings all had my "Old Settings" listed as default. Not a single setting was defaulted to "Everyone" because I had never set that - for anyone. I like the new settings - waaaay simpler than digging around for the old ones, and I love that it's super easy now to share with specific sets of people - exceptionally granular down to the individual. This was one of Facebooks best thought out changes. Yes, others have been - umm less helpful but this was a good one.

I don't understand what the big deal is.

Facebook got real crazy with the privacy settings over the last few years in the name of "personal information security" despite the fact such alterations have taken away from the whole point and purpose of Facebook--to connect you.

What is the point of being on Facebook if no one in your network who might want to--le gasp--network with you can see any relevant information other than your name and an empty profile picture icon? Shoot your friends an IM, email, or write a letter. Better yet, stay on your MySpace.

I miss the days when you had to be a college student or a recent graduate to sign up. Why join a networking site to just stay in touch with your regular group of friends? Why put ANYTHING on the internet you don't want random people to find? Trying to appease and appeal to the mass public makes Facebook less appealing.

When logging in to Facebook Thursday, I, like millions of other people, got the directive to update my privacy settings to fit in to the new, "simplified," scheme.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Watch Preview Trailers

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Check out the movie preview and trailer of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" here.

Because this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed completely.

Director: David Slade
Writers: Stephenie Meyer (novel)
Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay)
View company contact information for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on IMDbPro.
Release Date:
30 June 2010 (USA) more
Fantasy | Horror | Romance | Thriller more
Lovestruck teenager Bella must choose between her vampire boyfriend Edward and werewolf Jacob. full summary | full synopsis
Plot Keywords:
Vampire | Werewolf | Sequel | Newborn | Volvo


Kristen Stewart ... Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson... Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner ... Jacob Black
Billy Burke ... Charlie Swan
Ashley Greene ... Alice Cullen
Jackson Rathbone... Jasper Hale
Nikki Reed ... Rosalie Hale
Kellan Lutz ... Emmett Cullen
Elizabeth Reaser... Esme Cullen
Peter Facinelli ... Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Gil Birmingham ... Billy Black
Anna Kendrick ... Jessica
Dakota Fanning ... Jane

Bryce Dallas Howard ... Victoria
Christian Serratos ... Angela
Michael Welch ... Mike Newton
Alex Meraz ... Paul
Cameron Bright ... Alec
Julia Jones ... Leah Clearwater
Chaske Spencer ... Sam Uley
Sarah Clarke ... Renée Dwyer
BooBoo Stewart ... Seth Clearwater
Justin Chon ... Eric
Kiowa Gordon ... Embry Call
Daniel Cudmore ... Felix
Charlie Bewley ... Demetri
Jodelle Ferland ... Bree
Tinsel Korey ... Emily
Kirsten Prout ... Lucy
Jack Huston ... Royce King II
Bronson Pelletier... Jared
Monique Ganderton... Beautiful Vampiress
Catalina Sandino Moreno ... Maria
Tyson Houseman ... Quil Ateara
Xavier Samuel ... Riley
Ben Geldreich ... John
Justin Rain ... Quileute Warrior

this is a Youtube Fanmade Trailer for Twilight Eclipse, wathc the video trailer below:

Warcraft Twitter Client -TweetCraft

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TweetCraft - A World of Warcraft Twitter Client
World of Warcraft on Twitter: http://twitter.com/WarcrafT

A gratuitious trailer for TweetCraft, a World of Warcraft Twitter client.

Twitter is open source and includes:
- A Windows client written in C# and Windows Presentation Foundation
- A Warcraft AddOn written in FrameXML and Lua using AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft

TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft and a Microsoft Coding4Fun Project. With it, you can send/receive Tweets, upload screenshots, and even AutoTweet in-game achievements!

Google Real Time Search

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Real time search ranking is ideal nowadays, Google has been hinting at this day for several months, most recently when it announced a deal to access Twitter's "firehose" of data. But it presented its vision for real-time search before the media Monday at the Computer History Museum, claiming to have made a little history on its own.

That's why it's a bit surprising that Google, the world's leading search engine by a wide margin, hasn't necessarily been a leader in this area. Marissa Mayer, vice president of search and user experience at Google, admitted Monday the company could have moved more quickly to organize the vast amount of data produced by services such as Twitter. Anyone who has tried to use Twitter Search knows that real-time search at the moment is like the regular Internet was 10 years ago: a blast of information that's impressive in its scope but overwhelming in its usefulness.

Real time search engine is actually an innovation!

Google sues over alleged work-at-home scams

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Google Adwork?

Google is taking legal action to stop companies from allegedly using the search giant's name to trick people into paying for supposed work-at-home kits advertised online and in e-mails. There are tons of online scams nowadays that are using the online giant name Google.

For those who are planning to engage online business at home, it is important to be cautious before doing online business.

"This action seeks to stop a widespread Internet advertising scam that is defrauding the public by misusing the famous Google brand," the suit says. "The scam victimizes unsuspecting consumers by prominently displaying the famous Google mark, by suggesting sponsorship by the plaintiff Google Inc., and by urging consumers to obtain a kit supposedly showing them how to make money working from home with Google."

Pacific WebWorks seeking comment on allegations of fraud was not returned on Monday.

There also are a number of complaints listed about Pacific WebWorks on the Rip Off Report Web site. http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/Pacific-Webworks.aspx

Virgin Intergallactic Spaceship Unveiled - Virgle?

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Virgin Gallactic, Virgle? It is considered the world's first commercial spaceship, designed to be carried aloft by an exotic jet before firing its rocket engine to climb beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic on Monday took the cloak off SpaceShipTwo, which had been under secret development for two years in the Mojave Desert. The company plans to sell suborbital space rides for $200,000 a ticket, offering passengers 2 1/2-hour flights that include about five minutes of weightlessness.

Blaring music and a laser show heralded the rollout of SpaceShipTwo as it glided down a runway mated to its mothership and came to a stop before a throng of wannabe astronauts, dignitaries and VIPs who shivered in the desert cold for the splashy unveil.

"Isn't this the sexist spaceship ever?" said British billionaire and Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson, who partnered with famed aviation designer Burt Rutan on the venture.

read more on Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_space_tourism

Men who become WoMEN

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men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women
men becomes women, gay, lesbian, men turned women

These women are once men. I am shocked with this makeover. It's true men becomes women.

Credit goes to http://artsyspot.com/men-that-became-women/

12 Ideal Christmas gifts for iPhone Lovers

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1. Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, £74
2. Mophie Juice Pack, £65
3. Incipio Feather, £10
4. Jawbone Prime, £76
5. iTunes vouchers, from £15
6. Belkin TuneBase FM with Hands-Free, £59
7. Etymotic hf2, £68
8. Griffin AirCurve, £11

9. Nike+ trainers, £41
10. TomTom Car Kit, £100
11. MacFormat presents The Essential Guide to the iPhone, £8
12. Sennheiser PX 310 BT, £340

Codename Windows 8 - Windows 7 Successor

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Will Windows 8 be 128bit?
Probably not, that was just a rumor.

Why is the next Microsoft operating system expected to be called Windows 8?
Microsoft has changed its approach to naming operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista) and is now using a numbering system. Therefore the next Windows operating system, Windows 7, is the 7th release which is due out on October 22, 2009. The replacement for Windows 7 is expected to be called Windows 8.

Will Windows 8 be the last in line for the Windows Series?
While it is unclear, there are definitely rumors that Microsoft will be abandoning the Windows line after Windows 8, or at least co developing a new product line alongside Windows.

What will Windows 8 improve over Windows 7?
Microsoft has not announced anything officially, but Steve Ballmer has suggested in the past that Windows 8 will improve management and voice recognition, making those two features their development priorities for the new Windows 8 platform. Virtualization will most likely be a major feature embedded with Windows 8. Also members of the eight forums have speculated that 3D and enhanced graphics will work its way into Windows 8, but nothing official has been released regarding this as of yet.

Is Windows 8 Microsoft Midori?
That's certainly a rumor, but not likely true. Midori is a spin off from the Microsoft Singularity project, and will likely be a new OS line entirely.

When will Windows 8 be released?
Microsoft normally releases a new OS every 3 years, so Windows 8 should be officially launched in 2012, which is approximately 3 years after Windows 7. The first leaked copy could be due at any moment!

I've always wondered how they decided on Windows 7 and Windows 8 naming…
1) 3.1
2) 95
3) 98
4) ME
5) XP
6) Vista
7) Windows 7
Windows 8

Are there betas or release candidate versions of Windows 8 that can be downloaded for testing purposes?
Yes. Microsoft goes about different ways to select beta testers. Normally a select group of business partners are invited to customize their software ahead of any official releases. I’m sure Windows 8 early builds will be leaked out to other places, but eightforums will have it sooner then them, and plus our torrents will be verified and up shortly after these business partners receive copies.

Who at Microsoft is responsible for Windows 8?
Windows 8's leader will be Steven Sinofsky. He is responsible for directing the direction of Windows 8. He's also the same guy credited with saving Microsoft's ass with improving Windows 7, So Windows 8 should be in good hands! You can find more information about him at wikipedia

Sun Maid Raisin Controvery

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Sun Maid raisin new look as sign of modernization?
Though the new look for the raisin girl has been garnering attention of late, the changes to the 90-year-old icon were actually introduced three years ago. At the time, Sun-Maid president Barry Kriebel said that the decision to make changes was inspired by the desire to educate consumers about healthy living choices.

Facebook Dislike Button?

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Facebook dislike button

facebook reach 350 million user, and Mr. Zuckerberg sent an email regarding updates and news to it subscribers lately. Hmm.. change is good but not all changes are good idea.

There are lots Facebook subscribers who are pushing for Facebook dislike button to be added. I am not favor on adding dislike button on Facebook.

NO, NO, NO DISLIKE BUTTON!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT!!! All hell will break use with the abuse it will encourage. I've seen people abuse the Like button enough to know that a Dislike buton is a FOOLISH idea. Please let me enjoy my Facebook experience without a Dislike button that will ruin it completely for me. People, if you like something, the button is right there. If you don't like something, you have the option of not clicking the damn button thank you.

Surprise Kitten Video

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watch this lovely little kitten doing cuddly act live on video. This little cutie is so lovely.