Comparison Pacquaio, Marquez and Mayweather Boxing Tricks

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A report came after Top Rank’s Bob Arum revealed that American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had turned down a $65 million offer from a Singaporean group to fight Pacquiao.
--well.. even if all the people in the world will contribute 1 dollar each for a Pacquaio - mayweather fight, mayweather will still duck it out. She's a coward u know..

10 of Manny Pacquiao's best boxing tricks, offensive and defensive boxing skills from his fight with Antonio Margarito at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on November 13, 2010.
Boxing Tricks in order:
1. Tap Block, Tap Jab
2. Right Hook Over Left Jab
3. One-Legged Lead Left
4. Double-Left Sneak
5. Triangle Guard
6. Left Step, Left Cross
7. Vertical Jab
8. Forearm Defense
9. Rear Overhand Left
10. Left High, Left Low

Whoever identify these as tricks is full of crap. A part of a fighter's preparation is watching videos of other fighters identifying their strengths and weaknesses and if this is your analysis of Floyd you will lose before you enter the ring. these are no tricks idiot you moron, you clearly havent boxed; every boxer does these things, this is not what gives Floyd his edge. You just pissed me off with this poor poor poor list...I see no tricks here you fool

10 of Floyd Mayweather's best boxing tricks, offensive and defensive boxing skills from his fight with Shane Mosley in May 2010. 
Boxing Tricks in order:
1. High Elbow Block
2. Head Pull
3. Shoulder Roll
4. High Guard, Drop-Jab
5. Forearm Crush
6. Leaning Right aka "pull counter"
7. Opening Guard
8. Push Tactics
9. Head & Hooks
10. Slap Hook on the Inside aka "check hook"

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Da Best Ang Pasko Ng Pilipino (Single)

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ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID for 2011.  Performed by Maria Aragon with the UP Concert Chorus

The theme song Da Best Ang Pasko ng Pilipino was written by creative communications management head Robert Labayen, while the music was composed and produced by Jimmy Antiporda for Star Records. It was performed by 11-year-old Fil-Canadian YouTube sensation Maria Aragon, together with the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus, and joined by more than a hundred Kapamilya celebrities from ABS-CBN Entertainment, News and Current Affairs, Regional Network Group TV personalities, ANC and DZMM anchors, and Tambayan 101.9 DJs as well as Kapamilya from The Filipino Community worldwide.

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Ramona Padilla Latest Photos in Turkey and Hongkong

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Senator Ramon Bong Revilla now thinks half-sister involved in brother’s killing.

Recent update on the case according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer: "A source close to the Revilla clan floated this suspicion Saturday, after Bautista, 22, was sighted at Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Friday night. She had a red scarf wrapped around her face and neck and turned away from one reporter who asked where she was going."

This murder has taken on farcical proportions of a comical soap opera, and it is so unnerving to see the usual demons of lies, corruption and entitlement rear its ugly head, yet it seems that the Philippine people does nothing about it, which is most frightening, The fact that a suspect was allowed to flee the country demonstrates that the Philippines is a nation that sustains itself on bribery and not on principles. Whether the senator is an accomplice to this or not, we will find out later, but there should be a thorough investigation, and the Aquino government must root out more of these cancerous leeches of past regimes who have been feeding of the well being and progress of the Philippine people.

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Anonymous will attack Fox, Facebook, banks and drug cartel today November 5.

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Time to say "Goodbye" Facebook"
Breaking News, Facebook is under attack by Anonymous group. November 5, 2011.

If you haven’t made it a point to remember the fifth of November before, hacktivists belonging to the group Anonymous are looking to change all of that this weekend.

On Saturday, those members are expected to open up battlefronts across the Web and in banks across the country. Facebook is now a target for abusing user privacy.

The bad news is Anonymous is probably good enough to take down the social network, if only for a brief while, if they felt like it. The good news — for Facebook fans — is that the group frequently uses threats and warnings as a way to get people thinking about their targets without actually diving in.

Facebook was down for a short while just today. May be a sign of an impending, bigger attack.

Why do you assume that you will always have facebook? Just because its so popular now does not mean that it will be sticking around. If we look back in history at social networking sites they all have their prime followed by a slow and steady drop in users as they all migrate to the next “big” thing. If they switch to a paid service you will see that migration happen even faster.

I believe if and when they decide to do it, it will be to bring the whole network down. not just simply overloading the servers temporarily. I’m talking about a virus type scenario. It would be kind of hard for them to do but it’s only a matter of time. However Anonymous supports the free exchange of ideas. They support the Occupy movement, which uses social networks like Facebook to communicate with people, so attacking Facebook would be shooting themselves in the foot.

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Are You Looking for College Car Insurace?

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Remember to save you time and money in low cost  college car insurance. If you are looking for Free College Car Insurance you must consider the following first:

  • Be a Safe Driver -  the fewer driving violations and auto accidents that you have the more money you will save with your car insurance. 
  • Bike More, Drive Less - some insurance companies will give you a low-mileage car insurance deduction if you drive below a certain number of miles each year
  • Good Grades - maintain B average or higher. Bring proof of your grades when you apply for your car insurance.
  • Apply for all Discounts - insurance companies will offer you a great deal if you purchase multiple insurance plans together, like car and renter's insurance, and they might even offer you a family discount if you sign up for the same insurance as your family members.
Some Insurance That You Must Consider:
Condo Insurance
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Collectibles Insurance

Cheap colleg car insurance has taken a huge and important step in the aspect of cheap car insurance policies. Through this policy you need not hire a middleman. It is much more convenient for policy holders as it comes seamless.

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Asteroid 2005 YU55 - The Deep Impact

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Arrival day: November 8. This is its trajectory. Asteroid Name: 2005 YU55 Trajectory: Classified Size: 1300 foot-wide (400-meter) Closest Distance: 201,700 miles (324,600 kilometers) Live Video of Monitoring for Asteroid 2005 YU55 pass by.

According to NASA, the "trajectory of asteroid 2005 YU55 is well understood," so there's no dangers whatsoever. Its gravitational influence will not affect anything in our planet, so don't expect volcanos to go off, tectonic plates to sink into melting magma or tides getting New York under the Atlantic ocean. It will just pass by as scientists observe it using the Goldstone and Arecibo antennas, so expect some asteroid porn in the coming days. This pixelated grayscale image was taken by the Arecibo Planetary Radar Facility in Puerto Rico on April 2010. It shows an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier on direct interception course with Earth's orbit.
"It's just a friendly, slowly spinning spherical asteroid darker than charcoal saying high... I WILL GET YOU THE NEXT TIME! (in 2028)." [NASA]

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Janelle Manahan Pictures

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Quintana is best known for her role as the chubby showbiz fanatic Maffi in ABS-CBN's sitcom Let's Go. She was voted as one of the two most popular cast member of the sitcom alongside Mikel Campos.

Quintana was nominated as Best New Female Artist in the 19th Aliw Awards. She was included in the It Girls and Boys section of 2008 Star Magic Catalog. She was set to be part of the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye "Wedding" top billed by Zanjo Marudo, Derek Ramsay & Anne Curtis, but she declined the offer due to her plan of finishing her study in Dela Salle. She was also rumored living in with boyfriend Ram Revilla Screen Name:

Janelle Quintana
Name: Janelle Ann Caren Quintana Manahan
Age: 16
Bday: July 26, 1989
Hometown: Legazpi City
 Hobbies: Reading inspirational books, surfing the net, listening to music, watching movies, texting, eating and reading magazines
 Favorite Color: Powder Blue and Pink
Favorite Food: chocolates, cakes, ice cream, chips, pasta, coffee, sushi Music: R&B
Favorite Song: Milkshake Fight Songs: Rainbow, Through the Rain, Can't Take That Away
 Favorite Singer: Britney Spears,Beyonce Knowles, Ashanti If not in showbiz she prefer to be: a business woman someday
Closest friend(among the questor): Michelle Arciaga, Franz Ocampo Dream role: abnormal,kontrabida Favorite Celebrity: Jericho Rosales,Heart Evangelista Janelle Quintana came in to showbiz by way of Star Circle National Teen Quest (as Janelle Manahan). Representing Albay where she made it to SCQ's Magic Circle of 10.
Actually she was on top 6 but she failed to grab a spot in the top 5

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