The Twilight Saga Eclipse Official Full Trailer (HD) - Saga Eclipse 2010

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I don't get it, why people dont like the twilight saga. it awesome!

Robert pattinson is basicly the definition of fucking ugly. Come on people wouldnt you think that they did a POOR job picking who gets to play edward. like really they should at least pick a guy that speaks clear english.

I dont like the twilight movies, they ruined the books! the books are xelent, but the movies are the most crappy thing ive ever seen. the acting? lame. the script? yyaaawn. the speacial effects? youve got to be kidding me. i like stephinie meyer, shes a great author, but im not wasting my time watching another movie about twilight. stick to the books people.

France World Cup Scandal for Real?

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“It’s a scandal for the French, for the young people here. It’s a scandal for the federation and the French team,” Valentin said. “They don’t want to train. It’s unacceptable.
“As for me, it’s over. I’m leaving the federation. I’m sickened and disgusted,” said Valentin, who walked away from the training field, got into a car and drove off.

I personally sympathy with french.. but again, these maybe their karma.. the person to blame is the coach domenech where he should resigne long time ago...The French might as well pack it up and go home. They don't belong in this classy tounament anyway. They cheated their way into the big stage. They have no business being there in the first place. The French deserve what they're going through. There is a God upthere who saw how they qualified to the World Cup. Pity for the Irish who could have made a much nicer appearance if they were instead of the French. Football is not anymore what supposed to be, a game for gentlemen...

Hey the french have only themselves to blame. first they just sneaked into the world cup especially if you ask ireland. then coach domenech got it wrong through his poor player selection and his poor tactics. the squad is so much aged, i mean we need to see some young plpayers just as the teams like brazil and argentina did.i do not expect to see it in the next round. because if you can even organise your selves administratively how can you play together in the field.

Kobe Bryant 2010 MVP Best Shots and Buzzer Beaters

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Watch NBA 2010 MVP Kobe Briant best shots and buzzer beaters. Kobe is the best! Absolutely fantastic, most overated player out there. no skills whatsoever, all he does is use his god-given bulky body to dominate. Kobe is a b-ball maestro!

Kobe Rules!

World Cup 2010 Live Streaming

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Watch World Cup 2010 Opening Ceremonies and Game Live Here.

Watch World Cup 2010 Live Online - FIFA World Cup Live Streaming - Watch World Cup Soccer Live Online
Are you looking for a way to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online live or watch any other football / soccer match live online? Well, you've come to the right place! Read on to learn how to watch World Cup 2010 soccer, as well as all the International Friendly competitions, in perfect HD quality using any PC or Mac computer and the internet! Watch every World Cup 2010 game live online, as well as all the International Friendly action, using the amazing new Stream Direct software!

Catch all the action and excitement! Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online live today!
Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Online - Watch World Cup Online - Watch Soccer Online Live Streaming - Watch Football Online

(as at 15th October 2009)
South Africa
United States
North Korea
South Korea
Ivory Coast

Results of the last round of matches streamed LIVE on
14th October
Andorra 0-6 Ukraine
Kazakhstan 1-2 Croatia
Azerbaijan 1-1 Russia
Sweden 4-1 Albania
Switzerland 0-0 Israel
Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-5 Spain
Poland 0-1 Slovakia
Czech Republic 0-0 Northern Ireland
Portugal 4-0 Malta
Peru 1-0 Bolivia
Uruguay 0-1 Argentina
Chile 1-0 Ecuador
Paraguay 0-2 Colombia
El Salvador 0-1 Honduras
USA 2-2 Costa Rica
Saturday 10th October -
Finland 2-1 Wales
Russia 0-1 Germany
Ukraine 1-0 England
Greece 5-2 Latvia
Czech Republic 2-0 Poland
Belgium 2-0 Turkey
Republic of Ireland 2-2 Italy
Portugal 3-0 Hungary
Argentina 2-1 Peru
Ecuador 1-2 Uruguay
Colombia 2-4 Chile
Venezuela 1-2 Paraguay
Costa Rica 4-0 Trinidad and Tobago
Bolivia 2-1 Brazil

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European WCQs
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As the home of live sport on the web, has the official right to stream live FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying Matches from the following regions AFC (Asia) CONCACAF (North & Central America and Caribbean) CONMEBOL (South America) UEFA (Europe) has acquired these official rights from some of the leading sports agencies in the world including Sportfive, Kentaro, Traffic World Sports Group
Please be aware, territorial restrictions apply to these rights and so please check the restrictions on the purchase page before purchasing. is the only official PPV platform for FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying Matches from the above regions.
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South Africa 2010 - qualifying:
For the latest information about South Africa 2010 go to the official Fifa website:

Wanna trade your stufffs online?

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Aliens Exists in Planet Saturn - Video

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Illusions from a naive science, i would say. Aliens yes, contact as expected: No. All mysteries you see are depressive, about invasion and organic creatures with two eyes walking on a planets surface. Our physics science cover up 1/INFINTY of humans imagination, but no existing firm "live" system will ever understand anything because there is no mind, no reason, no fixed rules. We know nothing, not even what we threat as fact. So this is nothing until it gets human with compatible communication.

Well, I'm not a scientist and have no training or experience in interpreting things like this (like pretty much everyone reading this I would guess). So I'm just going to assume it was an alien. Speaking English, but with a very thick outer solar system accent.

It sounds to me like "Give me your earth or I will unleash force"
and if you've done your research on aliens and their possible influence on our planet you'd know that there was a supposed "space war" over earth and the greys now own it, i think it's probable that this radio signal is a threat to those aliens who "own" the earth. What do you guys think?.

That's probably the most logical explanation.  Plus it's exciting!!

NBA Finals 2010 Live Streaming "Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Laker"

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Ronaldinho kissed by fan during match

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Everyone on here bashing soccer, the world cup, and ronaldinho or just for the sake of coming on here because you have no life and want to bash anything non american b my guest. if you were a rational human being maybe you could enjoy soccer since the majority of americans enjoy calling soccer a sport when u invest millions of dollars into a guy named tiger who banged half the country and hits a little golf ball or into douches who play the american game by hitting a little baseball and rounding little bases. I mean please, if you really wanna watch a sport, watch something in which people move and have some form of athletic talent rather than sitting in an outfield with half a puck of tobacco in their mouths. Go bash sports you know about, not ones you hate simply because the USA won't b a powerhouse because its not our sport and as any smart american knows, we dont like things that arent ours or dont dominate. So just shut up and continue being the mindless population who have nothing to do with their lives but bash soccer.

That is nice of him to let a fan do that, it shows how appreciative he is. I guess he didn't really expect the kiss but at the same time he didn't want to push the guy away because the guy would feel bad.

That second guard was late as heck, the guy was almost off the field. Was the guy trying to attack the security guard or run away? Nooo.(At least..from my view). Man, that second one needs a smack upside the head.
He probably felt like Superman soaring through the air like it felt good. I feel bad for the fan though Man that's one die hard fan. Haha, what's with people running out on the fields more now?