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Trade and Post your Stuffs Here Online Trading of Item.. and Meet ups.

Trading My Stuffs allows you to trade items and barter services wiith users from all over the Philippines. Unlike the common auction-based website, Trading My Stuffs is entirely free to use.

That's true - pay no listing fees, no transaction and commission fees. Trading My Stuffs users can trade services and items they have for services and items they want without having to send payment or sell at a lose. The best part of it all users can meet-up and trade items in person - right you trade your item and you'll have a chance to meet your fellow trader at nereast location.

Trading My Stuffs offers different types of functionalities like item swapping, exchanging online game credits, and bartering services. Trading My Stuffs is the platform of iteraction where anyone can establish profitable trade deals in return for various products and services.

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