Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 - Caricature Image

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Are you excited guys? Next week is the revelation if it gonna be a repeat or defeat? I created a simple caricature of Pacquiao and Bradley below. I bet Bradley will win again this time :)

Pacquiao Bradley II - Infographic

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Guys are excited and intense with the upcoming fight of Manny Pacquiao vsTimothy Bradley?

Let me share to you an infographic and short camparison of Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley. The punch stats was taken from Pacquiao vs Badley 1.

Here's a short statement from Manny Pacquaio according to the latest Face Off interview with HBO's Max Kellerman.
Manny Pacquiao: "I pray for that, that God give me another fire."
Timothy Bradley: "Another fire?"

This is another clash and fierce boxing match.
For a quick presentation please refer to high resolution infographic below:
pacquiao vs bradley II inforgaphic image HD

Geng Magerazo is Back! 2014 Summer Bike Festival

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To all racing Bike enthusiast out there this is will be hot and fun start of summer. Watch for the 8th annual Inside Racing Bike Fest & Trade Show as SMX Convention Center Halls, Seashell Lane SM Mall of Asia Complex. I'm excited to watch this trade bike feast and trade show since my ultimate crush Gen Maderazo is back :). After almost 12 months Gen Maderazo is back.. so guys and dudes see you around next week. I'm not interested with the racing bikes, I'm just excited to see Miss Geng Maderazo again. Whoooo start of summer is gonna be hot. Hopefully soon I will have a new big bike. So guys kindly check out more details below:

Travelers Guide - Stolen Passport Traacking, Search and Report

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It's very important that travelers and tourist are aware of international security all the time. Presence of mind every time you travel abroad. For US travelers please visit FAQ page of For from Ireland please visit: DFA Ireland It is also important to report and contact the Foreign Affairs Office/Embassy of your country once abroad. With recent headlines regarding stolen passport trade especially in Thailand. You as a travel must be aware all the time. I will update with list of free online passport tracking, tracing service later on.