Horrifying Halloween Facts and Trivia

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Why there are masks and silly costumes for Halloween?

Believing that spirits and ghosts roamed the land on All Hallows' Eve, the ancients Celts wore costumes and masks to avoid detection by these ghosts.

Why there kids doing door-to-door begging for candies?

Have you ever wondered how trick-or-treating began? On All Hallows' Eve, the Celts would leave food on their doorsteps to keep the hungry ghosts from entering their homes.

What was the first year that Universal Studios Florida held a Halloween event?

1991. After seeing Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California become the undisputed king of haunted attractions since 1972 with Knott's Scary Farm and "The Haunt", Universal jumped into the fray in 1991 to unleash their horror legacy on the public.

What was the name of the event before it was called Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal's Fright Nights. For the first year, the event was called Universal's Fright Nights and featured one haunted house called Dungeon of Terror and four Halloween shows. Or course Howl O'Scream is Busch Garden Tampa's annual haunt.

Watch Korina and Mar Wedding Live - Roxas Sanchez Wedding Rites Live

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Watch Korina Sanches and Mar Roxas wedding live online. Here is live streaming preview of Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez wedding at Sto. Domingo Church in Manila. Watch the wedding of the year live online today only here at Dimsum.

The long wait is over for Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez as they will be officially Mr and Mrs Roxas. Watch the simple and elegant wedding live online.

Machida vs. Shogun UFC Fight Full Video Fight Download

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In May, Lyoto Machida electrified the mixed martial arts world with a stirring knockout of Rashad Evans. On Saturday, October 24th, “The Dragon” will make the first defense of his UFC light heavyweight crown in the main event of UFC 104 against former PRIDE star Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, who is coming off back-to-back knockouts of Chuck Liddell and Mark Coleman.

In the co-feature, two of the top young heavyweight contenders in the sport will clash, as unbeaten Cain Velasquez takes on former IFL star “Big” Ben Rothwell in what promises to be one of the most memorable bouts of 2009.

UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun - Saturday, October 24th, live on Pay-Per-View from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Erap New Movie... One more chance?.. or No more chance…?

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One more chance?.. or No more chance…?

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada announced his candidacy yesterday in Tondo, Manila. He claims to be a resident of Tondo because he was born at the Mary Johnston Hospital, Estrada was never a slum dweller. He came from the Ejercito clan, one of the riches in the country.

He was jailed by the current administration once, and released because of Presidential Pardon. Mr. Estrada’s current status right now in presidential arena is almost like a movie. I’m wondering for the best title for this movie.. hmmmm… “The Return and the Come Back?” Duh!....... “One More Chance?”…Perfect!!
Does he worth a second chance?

We Filipino’s need that spice the blooms other countries in Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. We don’t need to import that spice coz the Filipino Dream is just within are grasp. Yeah just within our grasp… You don’t need to search for it, coz it’s just within our hearts.

Philippine success is not a movie, somewhat life in Philippine is like a drama to those who feel and a comedy to those who see. If we want to help our nation, let us start within ourselves. We must be aware against brainwash, credibility, wealth and sweet coated lips of politician out there. Let us not stuck ourselves with this euphoria coz it might backfire to us.

All presidential candidates have good and bad points, are judgment lies within ourselves.

Who will emerge from the rut and stand as the New Leader of Philippine politics?

Grand Theft Auto Record Broke

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For gamers out there, Chirantan Patnaik from Mumbai, India became an official Guinness Record holder last month when he clocked over 40 continuous hours playing Rockstar's 2008 smash Grand Theft Auto IV. Wanna know his secrets? Pretty simple.. ENDURANCE! Yeah, he was prepared by having marathon, yoga, running and exercise for several months.

This secret is what present computer gamers need nowadays, don't just play game for leisure. Play it well and make a record, having your name listed on the Guiness Book of World Record is indeed a great prestige for a computer gamer. I was shocked when I discover his secrets to gain Grand Theft Auto Record, he was doing normal day to day to routine. It is not all about a prepared mind but also a prepared body to endure yourself for long duration of hours.

For gamers out there, play the game "FOR A RECORD"!.. Chirantan Patnaik you rocked man!

Think Before You Post - Your guide to online privacy and security.

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Everyone Knows Your Name

With the fast phase of digital information and social media, personal information and private data are taken for granted. There are lots of newbie and teen nowadays who explicitly post their personal details online without considering online and personal security. Social media is useful if we use them with extra care. In field marketing and advertisement social media is like a "live search engine". Unlike search engine we can obtain information and news directly from the actual person.

But there is one thing we forgot keeping our persona details private.. private! here are few tps on how to keep yourself private:

  • Add only person whom you know

  • Avoid posting contact numbers, IM accounts

  • Avoid posting complete address

With this present digital era, "all information online is VISIBLE". Take extra caution and use Social medial wisely. In the end there are only two things either it will ruin you or it will profit you. God bless!

  • Facebook privacy

  • Friendster privacy

  • MySpace privacy

  • Twitter privacy

Limited FHM Philippine Cover - Grab Your Copy Now

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I want your body, your body, not you! Haha!... I'm wondering where could I buy this FHM copy? Any idea guys?

I was shocked when I checked the forum site early this morning, Momy Dionisia is now on FHM cover? Wow....

Halo Cloud - Moscow Cloud Live Video

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Watch the halo cloud on UK, this live video was taken while driving along the highway.

Holy Pushback Huge Game!

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Blizzard's, EA games, Ubisoft, Sony, and Sega are the leaders in the gaming industry as of today but they are stuck with the forthcoming release of their new big games. Gamers much anticipated new releases and updates will be pushback and the releasew ill be delayed,

Here are the list of games to be pushed back:
Starcraft II (to be pushed back) - from Blizzards (it's done when it's done) is the credo. Blizzard’s not going to release this one until it’s absolutely certain that every detail is done right.

Dante’s Inferno (to be pushed back) - Electronic Arts has put a lot of (occasionally dubious) marketing muscle behind Dante's Inferno, and there’s even a film tie-in. If it’s not a hit, that could put a lot at risk – and, as one insider noted, "it's not going to compare well." Getting it out from under God of War might be a smart move.

Heavy Rain (to be pushed back) - Lucky for Heavy Rain, it's got some nice buzz. If Sony takes the time to further polish the game and give it a little distance from the competition, it could have a new hit franchise on its hands.

Aliens vs. Predator (to be pushed back) - Sega’s already working on the follow-up title, but this one needs to make a splash. The action genre is a very crowded one in the first quarter, which could hurt the chances of AvP becoming a retail smash. A delay would be disappointing, but maybe the wisest move Sega could make.

I'm sure gamers and geek are crazy about this delays in the gaming industry.

Protect your WiFi signal - Anti WIFI Paint - Stealth Protection Paint

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Get protected by paiting your wall with anti-WIFI siganle paint. Instant protection that prevents your neighbors from detecting your WIFI networks. It's like applying stealth technology to your WIFI network using paint.

This solution uses special paint that prevent wireless WIFI signal to pass through. Applfy the anti WIFI paint directly to your wall where you want to prevent WIFI signal.

anti WIFI paint, stealth WIFI paint

Here is the details regarding the anti WIFI paint : Anti WIFI Paint

List of 2012 Predictions

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Doomsday, apocalypse, end world, 2012.. what you may call it is just 3 years to go. Most people considered it as "end of the world prediction". Then why 2012? Was this for film-sake or brainwash?

Code from exodus2006.com
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2012 Day of Judgement:

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2012 day of judgement, 2012 day of extinction, 2012 doomsday

Source: http://exodus2006.com