Codename Windows 8 - Windows 7 Successor

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Will Windows 8 be 128bit?
Probably not, that was just a rumor.

Why is the next Microsoft operating system expected to be called Windows 8?
Microsoft has changed its approach to naming operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista) and is now using a numbering system. Therefore the next Windows operating system, Windows 7, is the 7th release which is due out on October 22, 2009. The replacement for Windows 7 is expected to be called Windows 8.

Will Windows 8 be the last in line for the Windows Series?
While it is unclear, there are definitely rumors that Microsoft will be abandoning the Windows line after Windows 8, or at least co developing a new product line alongside Windows.

What will Windows 8 improve over Windows 7?
Microsoft has not announced anything officially, but Steve Ballmer has suggested in the past that Windows 8 will improve management and voice recognition, making those two features their development priorities for the new Windows 8 platform. Virtualization will most likely be a major feature embedded with Windows 8. Also members of the eight forums have speculated that 3D and enhanced graphics will work its way into Windows 8, but nothing official has been released regarding this as of yet.

Is Windows 8 Microsoft Midori?
That's certainly a rumor, but not likely true. Midori is a spin off from the Microsoft Singularity project, and will likely be a new OS line entirely.

When will Windows 8 be released?
Microsoft normally releases a new OS every 3 years, so Windows 8 should be officially launched in 2012, which is approximately 3 years after Windows 7. The first leaked copy could be due at any moment!

I've always wondered how they decided on Windows 7 and Windows 8 naming…
1) 3.1
2) 95
3) 98
4) ME
5) XP
6) Vista
7) Windows 7
Windows 8

Are there betas or release candidate versions of Windows 8 that can be downloaded for testing purposes?
Yes. Microsoft goes about different ways to select beta testers. Normally a select group of business partners are invited to customize their software ahead of any official releases. I’m sure Windows 8 early builds will be leaked out to other places, but eightforums will have it sooner then them, and plus our torrents will be verified and up shortly after these business partners receive copies.

Who at Microsoft is responsible for Windows 8?
Windows 8's leader will be Steven Sinofsky. He is responsible for directing the direction of Windows 8. He's also the same guy credited with saving Microsoft's ass with improving Windows 7, So Windows 8 should be in good hands! You can find more information about him at wikipedia

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