Hallowen Pictures in Philippines

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happy trick or treat guys. Everyone are busy painting and cleaning the graveyard. . See pictures of Filipinos celebrating this event. "Pista Minatay" or All Saints Day.....

More "Pista Minatay" pictures here:

Miss Earth 2008 Live

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Watch Miss Earth 2008 Live here for Free. Everyone is waiting for the next beauty to rein as Miss Earth 2008. Now on its eight year, Miss Earth® continues to enjoy its stature as the most significant and important international pageants in the world. Setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility, the candidates and the reigning beauty queen of Miss Earth uphold the preservation of our environment and continue to its campaign for the protection of Mother Earth.

US Presidency FInal Debate (FULL VIDEO)

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Watch final debate of US Presidency.

Free Photoshop Christmas Brushes

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Since Christmas season is approaching, you can update you site layouts, banners with this cool and awesome Photoshop Christmas Brushes. Free download link for this FREE Photoshop Christmas Brushes.

Merry Christmas Everyone


Watch Pacquiao - De la Hoya FIGHT LIVE HERE

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Hi guys, watch Pacquaio - de la Hoya fight here for free. Click the link below and enjoy this awaited match of the year in world of boxing. Here is the link;

Pacquaio - De la Hoya Match - (Watch Here Live)

Keep you Pets safe during halloween

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Halloween is indeed a fun time for everyone, enjoy candies, trick or treats. On the other hand halloween was not safe for pets and animals at home. Know the reason why?


Most people love to wear costumes and some have their pets wear costumes too. Some pets are ok to wear costumes but some are not. Costumes might cause undue stress for your pets.

Trick or treating?

Some children and adults are scared of dogs. It is advisable not to bring your pets during your trick or treat. You can predict if how will your pets reacts for sudden scream, noise and light. They may become disoriented or run a bit.


Candy wrappers and plastics are choking hazards for your pets.

Happy halloween guy. Hope this Halloween Tips will help you and your pets.

Buy Halloween Customes online

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Hi fellas, weeks to go before trick or treat time. If you are interested to purchase cheap halloween customes online. Check This out for the list of cheap halloween customes online. Here is the link Cheap Halloween Customes for the halloween party.

Enjiy your trick or treat kids. Be safe...

Funny Hallowen Custome Ideas

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Joke and Gag Costumes

You always got laughs in class--even the teacher smiled. But this time you don't have to worry about detention or getting sent to the principal's office. Just worry about perfecting your stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show"!

* Whoopie Cushion
* Dribble Glass--wear a round plastic cylinder and sprinkle confetti any time anyone tries to "drink"
* Toilet--although you're not known for toilet humor
* Keystone Kop or bumbling security guard costume
* Clown costumes, of course!
* Peanut brittle can full of snakes--don a fancy patterned shirt and black pants with plastic snakes hanging from your belt and/or taped to your shirt.

Funny Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, so start your own health care plan with funny costume ideas. You can wear doctor-and-nurse funny adult costumes with fake hypodermic needles and clown accessories. Remember all those classic circus routines? Clown doctors and nurses. Laughing gas. Madcap medicine!

If you're in more of a naughty mood, try a gyneocological funny costume. While inappropriate behavior isn't funny, even Patch Adams as played by Robin Williams tried humor at a gynecological convention. Just make sure everyone behaves responsibly--funny Halloween costumes don't seem so hysterical when you remember that you actually tried to play doctor under the influence of alcohol.

Funny Political Costumes

With political masks, you have built-in funny costume ideas. Just be sure that your attire matches your funny costume mask. Might we suggest:

* Duck hunter's outfit (or a waffle costume) with a mask of Senator John Kerry
* President Clinton mask with Big Mac or French Fries funny costume
* Senator Ted Kennedy mask paired with Breathalyzer or Beer Keg funny costume

And to honor our current president, you can wear a George W. Bush mask with a classic cowboy costume for this Texan--it worked for President Reagan funny Halloween costumes in the 1980s. That's not so much a humorous idea as a patriotic one. But even our President pokes fun at himself. That's the best kind of political humor--laughing at ourselves in funny adult costumes.

New Oil Discovery in Palawan

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New Oil Discovery in Palawan a big break through for Philippine economy.
A news today said that finally we are able to extract
oil from palawan which will called palawan light.. hopefully this discovery will atleast lessen our dependence in crude oil from oil producing countries..

if this would be fully operational i just hope the prices of oil products will decrease together with the prices of basic commodities. this should be managed properly in terms of financial,by the laws and most important is that this should be environment friendly for it will brings us new hopes and i hope those "vultures" will not spoil this breakthrough by their political plans and self interest and of course GREED.

Roosevelt Quotes: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

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A Quote from the famous president Theodore Roosevelt. The phrase "walk softly and carry a big stick" was a speech or quotes from West Africa. President Theodore Roosevelt have said it before when he became the president of the United States, he said "I have always been fond of the West African proverb: 'Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far''.

As a political figure, Teddy Roosevelt Quote also use the phrase for foreign policy of the country which made him an icon and a great president.

Watch Presidential Debate Round 2 Video Replay

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Who won the Presidential dabate round 2? Other may ask especially those who didnt catch the live video. Who really won the debate on October 7?
Watch Presidential Debate Round 2 Video Replay

Best Free Warcraft Wallpapers

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Hot Friendster Layouts

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Warcraft DOTA Cheats Here.

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Here are useful DOTA cheats and DOTA Tips, hope this DOTA cheat and tips are helpful:

1. world editor edit dota ai maps
2. -debug control all
3. - rich have 1000000
4. -ml instant level 25
5. Kardel with desolator and butterfly + 2nd skill permanent opponent stun
that's all

Press f9 when in game if you are playing dota ai maps and you can see all of the functions you listed + a lot more others. except for the 5. that is.

Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam Result September 2008

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Its this time of the year again which we are about to take the Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam this month. I know most of us will be nervous on taking this exam because this is our future, our career and our life. I hope we all pass this exam this month September 2008. Me and my other friends will be going to take this exam and i am taking this one seriously so that i will pass this one. I will also put the result in here so that my fellow examiners will have a faster way of getting the results. I will update the Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam Result September 2008 in here. So check it here regularly.

Melamine Used in Animal feeds

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Melamine frequently used in animal feed: Chinese companies

Most of us are aware of the Melamine scare for foods, dairy products and milk products. Not only human but as well as livestock and pets are also using feeds with melamine content.

I will give the list of animal feeds later on with melamine content.

Melamine Panic, Melamine Scandal

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China's milk manufacturer in the melamine scandal:
What is Melamine? Is it dangerous? Here are the list of milk manufacturers in China that are suspected for melamine contamination:
  • Sanlu, China
  • Yili, China
  • Shandong Duqing Inc., China
  • Mengniu Dairy
  • Bright Dairy
Chemistry of Melamine

The problem stems from unscrupulous practices in China where water is added to raw milk to increase its volume. As the milk is diluted, so is its protein content.

Melamine goes beyond milk and diary product contamination:

Public fear are further fueled in some countries when rumor mongers started to mill the news stating that even plastic wares are contaminated with melamine and eating from those plastic wares might be hazardous to health. Apparently with this rumor mills, PLASTICOS ECOLĂ“GICOS DEL PERU, a company from Peru dealing in plastic wares is getting more famous because its website was name www.melamineperu.com

Philippines: List of melamine FREE products!

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Melamine FREE products out NOW!

DOH head Duque identified the products that have been tested and FOUND NEGATIVE for melamine.

1. Anchor Lite Milk
2. Anlene High calcium low fat milk UHT
3. Bear Brand instant
4. Chic Choc milk chocolate
5. Farmland skim milk
6. Jinwei Drink
7. Jolly Cow pure fresh milk
8. Kiddie Soya Milk Egg Delight
9. Lactogen 1 DHA infant formula
10. M&M milk chocolate candies
11. M&M peanut chocolate candies
12. Milk Boy
13. Nestogen 2 DHA follow-up formula
14. Nestogen 3 DHA follow-up formula
15. Nido 3+ prebio with DHA
16. Nido Full Cream milk powder
17. Nido Jr.
18. No-sugar chocolate of Isomalt 2 Oligosaccharide
19. Nutri Express milk drink
20. Pura UHT fresh Milk
21. Snickers fresh roasted in caramel nogut in thick milk chocolate
22. Vitasoy soya milk drink
23. Wahaha Orange
24. Wahaha Yellow
25. Want want Milk Drink
26. Windmill Skim Milk Powder


1. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Drink Mango Magic

2. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Orange Chill

3. Anchor Wam Frootmilk Strawberry Spin

4. Dutch Lady Pure Milk

5. Jollycow Slender Lowfat Milk

6. KLIM Install Full Cream Milk Powder (1.8kg)

7. Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (Red bean ice Cream)

8. Meiji Ujikintoko (Red bean and green tea frozen confection)

9. Mengniu Original Drink Milk

10. Mengniu Pure Milk

11. Milk chocolate bars/china

12. Milk chocolate candies/china

13. Monmilk breakfast milk walnut milk beverage

14. Monmilk high calcium low fat milk

15. Monmilk high calcium milk

16. Monmilk milk deluxe pure milk

17. Monmilk pure mil

18. Monmilk suan suan ru sour milk beverage (mango flavor)

19. Natural choice milk ice var

20. Nespray

21. Nestle carnation calcium plus non fat milk powder (1.6kg)

22. Nestle chocolate flavor ice cream cone

23. Nestle dairy farm pure milk

24. Nestle vanilla flavor ice cream cone

25. Nutri-express 15 nutritional elements (blue, red and orange label and cap)

26. Nutri-express milk green apple

27. Prime roast cereals 28gm

28. Strawberry sorbet

29. Trappist dairy low fat yogurt drink

30. Vita fresh milk

31. Yili High calcium 250ml

32. Yili High calcium milk 1L

33. Yili High calcium low fat milk beverage

34. Yili low fat milk 1L

35. Yili milk

36. Yili puremilk 250ml

37. Yili puremilk 1L

38. Yinlu Milk Peanut