Google sues over alleged work-at-home scams

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Google Adwork?

Google is taking legal action to stop companies from allegedly using the search giant's name to trick people into paying for supposed work-at-home kits advertised online and in e-mails. There are tons of online scams nowadays that are using the online giant name Google.

For those who are planning to engage online business at home, it is important to be cautious before doing online business.

"This action seeks to stop a widespread Internet advertising scam that is defrauding the public by misusing the famous Google brand," the suit says. "The scam victimizes unsuspecting consumers by prominently displaying the famous Google mark, by suggesting sponsorship by the plaintiff Google Inc., and by urging consumers to obtain a kit supposedly showing them how to make money working from home with Google."

Pacific WebWorks seeking comment on allegations of fraud was not returned on Monday.

There also are a number of complaints listed about Pacific WebWorks on the Rip Off Report Web site.

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