Charice Pempengco’s father stabbed dead

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Ricky Pempengco, 40, died on the spot after sustaining two stab wounds in the chest, said Superintendent Kirby Kraft, San Pedro police chief, in a phone interview. “It appears to be a drunken skirmish,” said Kraft, who added that both the victim and the suspect were drunk when the killing happened at around 11:30 p.m. The estranged father of international singing sensation Charice Pempengco was stabbed dead in San Pedro, Laguna before midnight Monday, police said on Tuesday. An ABS-CBN news report said Pempengco, who was separated from Charice's mother Raquel, was attacked by Angel Capili Jr. at Andres Bonifacio road, Barangay Laram in San Pedro, Laguna. Initial reports said the victim was drinking and left to buy a cigarette, when Capili, approached him and stabbed him with an ice pick, according to ABS-CBN News. He reportedly sustained multiple stab wounds. It is believed that the incident was caused by a longtime grudge as investigators said both had a fight six years ago. Let forgiveness, love and understanding soothe the pain of their loss. My deep sympathy and condolence, May Mr Pempengco, rest in peace. Related Search: Charice Pempengco Suspect for Killing Charice's Father Ricky Pempengco's Death Charice sings US natinal anthem in 9/11 anniversary NFL tribute game

After Planking, Owling.. now Tebowing?

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Tebowing in cemetery? Tebowing in church? Let do the tebow today.. Tebowing, planking, owling.. whats next???? ROTFL... Now Tebowing is an internet meme in the vein of planking. From a few hundred page views on the site's first day (according to Kleinstein, who spoke to Page 2 on Thursday), and just two Twitter followers as late as Wednesday night, the movement has blown up. "#Tebowing - to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. Love it!" f you would like to start tebowing, it’s pretty simple. According to the site, Tebowing is: getting down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. Will you be Tebowing this long weekend?

Paranormal Activity 3 - Hidden Cuts and Videos

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Watch and download the Philippine Version of Paranormal Activity 3. "Paranormal Activity 3" didn't just go bump in the night. It made a ton of noise at the box office with a record-setting, $54 million opening. "Paranormal Activity 3" is actually a prequel, with the discovery of disturbing home-movie footage from 1988. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made the creepy documentary "Catfish," took over directing duties this time. I watched the movie last night and it ended about 12 this morning (nothing to do with my point..)and I wouldn't say it was a bad movie but I wouldn't say it was good either.I laughed in most parts of the movie(‼small spoiler‼ especially when she is dragged out of bed and down the hall)The ending was probably the creepiest part of the whole movie(‼small spoiler‼ It bothered me that at the end of the movie,the screen was completely black for about 8 minutes.It was pointless really) Paranormal Activity 3 movie isn't scary but if it did happen or maybe already happen it would be one of the scariest things to ever happen. and this movie is bitter than the 2nd one. that's just what I think. Paranormal Activity 3's success just shows it's not necessary to pay big stars $30M to be in a film, for it to be a success at the box office. Creative storytelling more than makes up for star power. Not to say that PA series are amazing films or anything, however the filmmakers are being creative by not relying on formula, or star power. The scene when the demon was behind the babysitter in the white sheet really creeped me out! I was waiting for it to do something to her. And really, people! Those of you in her griping about stupid stuff.....IT'S JUST A MOVIE! Watch the Philippine Version of Paranormal Activity 3 below. These Paranormal Activity 3 film really do make the hairs on your back get pointy.. wich i think makes the film worthy of atleast one watch. Paranormal Activity 3 Philippines Watch Full Trailer Paranormal Activity 3 Paramount Paranormal Activity 3 Download Full Video Paranormal Activity 3

Top U.S. Halloween Events

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Best US Halloween Events. If you are looking for best halloween events neareast to place then you cancheck the list of US Halloween events below.

Texas Chainsaw Maze - Houston, Texas
This free Houston attraction is based on the B movie classic and stars Leatherface, the Old Man, the Hitchhiker, and other terrifying personalities. If you have any screams left after navigating the maze you can visit paid haunted houses here, including the Sanitarium, the Castle of Doom, and the Haunted Woods.

Keene Pumpkin Festival - Keene, New Hampshire
Each Halloween, Keene's picturesque streets are aglow with towers of jack-o'-lanterns. The festival was a longtime Guinness World Record holder with over 28,000 pumpkins lining the streets. Boston has since beat the record, but it can't match the small-town atmosphere: Keene has 24,000 inhabitants. Citizens are encouraged to create their own pumpkins in a celebration of community spirit.

Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade - Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta's eclectic Little Five Points area packs 'em in to celebrate the year's spookiest holiday with a music-fueled street bash that draws up to 35,000 revelers. The highlight is a parade of crazy and creative costumes—and hearses, of course.

Central Park Pumpkin Festival - New York, New York
This New York City celebration is chock-a-block with absolutely free events, including the Circus Berzerkus Haunted House, a scarecrow competition, hayrides, puppet shows, and arts and crafts. You can even score a free pumpkin from the Central Park patch.

Anoka Halloween - Anoka, Minnesota
This Minnesota town, which bills itself as the Halloween Capital of the World, launched official celebrations as early as 1920. They were meant to deter pranksters from freeing cows and turning over outhouses. Ninety years later the more wholesome events on and around Halloween here include pumpkin carving, bonfires, house decorating contests, and one of the state's oldest and largest parades.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival - West Hollywood, California
Halloween in West Hollywood must be seen to be believed. Among L.A.'s annual events the carnival is second in size only to the Rose Parade—but that's pretty much where the similarities between the two end. Santa Monica Boulevard fills with half a million or so costumed revelers after the kids have (hopefully) gone to bed.

Festival of the Dead - Salem, Massachusetts
Witches have made a comeback in Salem, Massachusetts, and the Festival of the Dead their time to shine. On the town common, the Salem Witches Magic Circle celebrates the witches' holiday of Samhain, during which the line between this world and the next is blurred.

Chicagoween - Chicago, Illinois
Chicago's Halloween celebration reaches its peak during the last week of October when the city's famed Daley Plaza becomes “Franken Plaza.” Free attractions there include the tame-but-tasty Farmers Market and the high-flying excitement of the Midnight Circus.

El Gamma Penumbra - The Best PGT Finalist

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THEY'RE AWESOME. Especially when the two religions held hands. This is worth 2 MIllion pesos, great jobs guys!
El Gamma Penumbra - Pilipinas Got Talent by starmometerdotcom

24/7 Pacquaio Marquez

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24/7 Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Episode

24/7 Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Episode
Nonito Donaire vs. Omar Narvaez bout is over. Watch the first episode of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 24/7 series. The Philippines’ most famous citizen, Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 KOs), opens training camp in Baguio City, while challenger Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1, 39 KOs) begins his preparations in the familiar surroundings of Mexico City. Related Pacquaio Marquez Updates: 24/7 Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Episode HBO 24/7 Pacquaio Marquez

Check This Out Manny Pacquiao New Ferrari Italia

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Ferrari Italia. Image Source:

Check this out, Manny Pacquaio bought a brand new Ferrari Italia for $.24Million Dollar. Pacquiao used to move around the LA area in a gray Navigator, and then got a 2007 Mercedes convertible.

Experience the ride with Pac ferrari Italia.

Nice choice of wheels Manny.. According to reports, Pacquiao has just purchased a brand-new Ferrari, a shining black 458 Italia.

A couple of days ago, he was checking on a Mercedes Gullwing, which was being sold to him for $210,000. However, it seemed that he chose the 4,499cc V8 Ferrari instead. The Ferrari model sells for as much as $240,000.

I wont be able to get one of those probably in my lifetime.. it is your right to do whatever you see fit to your money to make you happy.. now all I ask from you is stay the same man the people knew way back, with political power now added in your already powerful hands I wish you the best of luck to all your endeavors.

Pacman Ferrari Italia Off the Road
Bullet Proofed Pacquaio Ferrari Italia
Pacquaio vs. Mayweather Ferrari Italia
Comparison of Pacquaio MayweatheFerrari Italia

All I can say is Drive carefully Cong. and Col. Manny Paquiao...

Live Pictures and Video of ROSAT German Satellite as it re-enter Earth's Atmosphere

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Re-entry of ROSAT German Satellite latest update:

  • A German satellite will fall between 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. Sunday
  • The Roentgen Satellite could hit the surface with 30 pieces of debris
  • The biggest fragment will likely be telescope's mirror, weighing up to 1.7 tons
  • The location of the debris' surface strikes can't be accurately predicted
  • Launch 1990 and Re-entry 2011
  • ROSAT (short for Röntgensatellit, in German X-rays are called Röntgenstrahlen, in honour of Wilhelm Röntgen) is a defunct German Aerospace Center-led satellite X-ray telescope, with instruments built by Germany, the UK and the US. It was launched on 1 June 1990, on a Delta II rocket from Cape Canaveral, on what was initially designed as an 18 month mission, with provision for up to 5 years of operation. ROSAT actually operated for over 8 years, finally shutting down on 12 February 1999. - source Wikipedia
I would like to make A motion that we dont send anything else up into space.......I mean this could get old real quick and cause some serious head aches not to mention the millions of people that wont get no sleep tonight..

Where will German ROSAT Satelitte fragment fall? You Bet....
Round and round we go,  Where she stops nobody knows :)

If you check with NASA and see how many thousands of objects are orbiting our planet, it should be understand­able that this occurs on a weekly basis at the least. The real concern should be the loss of the expenditur­e on the satellite. Used to be that the US had a reusable vehicle to reel in these satellites­, repair them, and they could have been focused on repurposin­g them. 

According to CNN: As of 4 p.m. ET Saturday, the agency's latest prediction narrowed the re-entry to a six-hour window during Saturday night.

"The largest single fragment will probably be the telescope's mirror, which is very heat resistant and may weigh up to 1.7 tons," according to the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

The time and location of the Roentgen Satellite's (ROSAT) re-entry couldn't be forecast precisely, and officials estimated the fiery event to occur any time between 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday and 1:30 a.m. ET Sunday, the agency said.

"Taking into account the most recent data, ROSAT will not re-enter over Europe," the agency said.

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Donaire Narvaez "Boxing at Its Best"

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"It's done. That fight is happening," said Arum, confirming an initial report by "As far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal."

The events for match includes:
Main applications: Nonito Donaire (26-1-0 along the eighteen KOS) games. Omar Narvaez (35-0-2 along the nineteen Kos)Yu round: Garcia and Mikey. Juan Carlos MartinezModerate elephant round: Monaghan and Sean. Anthony PietrantonioLightweight wheels: Brooks and Erin. Rhea IBANEZWelterweight Tommy Rainone and round. Brad FitzgibbonsVery Flyweight Round: Gonzalez and Jonathan. San Jose RiveraElephant Round: Spine Seldin games. He Segura Torres

In Pictures and Video:
Nonito Donaire Lefthook Narvaez
Narvaez Powerpunch Donaire
Donaire Straight and Uppercut Narvaez
Donaire and Narvaez Fight Pctures
Donaire Will Announce Resignation in Boxing?

Narvaez (35-0, 23 KOs) is southpaw who will be making his debut as a full-fledged 118-pounder. The 36-year-old from Cordoba is coming off a unanimous decision over William Urina in June, the third successful defense of the title he took from Everth Briceno in May of last year.

Donaire (26-1, 18 knockouts) last fought on Feb. 19 in Las Vegas, scoring a second-round knockout of Fernando Montiel (45-3-2, 35 KOs). That was Donaire's 25th consecutive win and his 10th KO in his past 12 fights. It also was the 28-year-old's second fight as a bantamweight, following a fourth-round knockout of ex-titleholder Wladimir Sidorenko.

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nonito donaire vs narvaez weigh-in

Jessica C Controversial Photos - Mesmerizing and Glamorous

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The photos below proves how mesmerizing and glamorous this Hongkong model, Jessica C. Laden. This photo are circulating recently after the alleged controversy and ATM news.

Jessica C. Laden Updates
Hot Photos of Jessica Laden
Hongkong Model Controversy
Glamorous Jessica C.

Many popular people will find ways and means to become the most popular amongst the popular. For a celebrity, this is the easiest way...... after all there is nothing to lose. 22-year-old Hong Kong model, Jessica C., suffered an unfortunate turn of events recently when a bank's surveillance tape revealed that Jessica had taken HK $600 that a customer left behind at an ATM and then shortly after alleged nude photos and videos of her was circulated, according to report on Apple Daily's website.

Moammar Gadhafi Captured - Latest Pictures

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Big Fish Captured? I hope this news is true and we hope this is the end of iron fist in Libya.

(Proof Pictures of Gadhafi's Death - Warning Graphic Images Below) - Picture of dean Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Gadhafi Capture is Top Priority for Rebels, Says Libyan Envoy Pictures of captured Moammar Gadhafi. Libyan fighters said Wednesday they have taken control of the last holdout of Moammar Gadhafi loyalists in his hometown of Sirte. This is indeed the historic day in Libya.

Moammar Gadhafi Captured Images
Moammar Gadhafi Iron Fist
Moammar Gadhafi Shot and Killed
End of War in Libya
Moammar Gadhafi Dead

Source: Getty Images

This is the dramatic day to Libya and the whole world. Libyan fighters drove the last holdouts of Moammar Gadhafi out of his hometown of Sirte in a few hours of fierce gunbattles Thursday, then declared victory over the last major resistance two months after the fall of Tripoli. The ecstatic former rebels celebrated by firing endless rounds into the sky, pumping their guns, knives and even a meat cleaver in the air and signing the national anthem.

Live pictures in Tripoli of celebration. Salavatory gun fire and ship horns is in the air of Tripoli Libya.

We are still waiting for the final confirmation and update from NTC and we will post pictures of Moammar Gadhafi here.

Donaire- Narvaez Fight Update and Comparizon (Post and Pre Fight Pictures Included)

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Donaire- Narvaez Fight Update and Comparizon (Post and Pre Fight Pictures Included)

Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire returns today October 22,2011 to defend his Championship belt title against Omar Andres Narvaez. Post and pre-fight pictures below included. This fight will display an art and skillful boxing performance.

Related Update for Donaire - Narvaez Match:
Donaire Will Retire After Narvaez Fight
Donaire Boxing Performance from Round 1-12
Reigning IBF Flyweight Champion
Reigning IBO Flyweight Champion

World Bantamweight Champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire talks with reporters during media day at the Kingsway Gym in New York for his New York debut against undefeated Omar Narvaez of Argentina, Saturday, October 22 in the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Madison Square Garden

Donaire said that at first he rebelled against his fathers wishes to get him into boxing as a way of staying out of trouble, describing himself as too weak to engage in the sport. Now eighteen years later he is one of the shining stars in boxing and is regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the game and a three division champion.

Detroits Lions Trade: Ronnie Brown - Jerome Harrison

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Why he is not the power back I was hoping for (P. Hillis) he is an upgrade over what we have behind Best. This also tells me that Best concussion might be alittle bit more serious, it is his 2nd in 3 months. Now lets hope they can get some blocking up front. R. Brown also knows the offense when he was with Lenahan in Miami.

Jerom Harrison: (born February 26, 1983) is an American football running back for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at Washington State.

 Related NFL Trade:
Philadelphia Eagles NFL Standing
Jerome Harrison #36 Running Back Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles trade Ronnie Brown, acquire Jerome Harrison 

Ronnie Brown: (born December 12, 1981) is an American football running back for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL). After graduating from Cartersville High School in Georgia, Brown attended Auburn University to play college football for the Auburn Tigers. He and Cadillac Williams shared carries at running back, while he had 1,008 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2002, 446 yards and five touchdowns in 2003. 

Harrison, an Eagles backup last year, had 14 carries for 41 yards this year in Detroit. Brown had fallen out of the running back rotation after a costly fumble against the 49ers.

He has 13 carries for 39 yards this season, but has not touched the ball since the Eagles Oct. 2 loss to San Francisco. Brown made an awful error in that game, losing a fumble at the goal line as he tried to throw a pass while being tackled. He has not touched the ball since then. This team continues to confuse. Brown is the newest scapegoat on this team?

If I am Brown I am thanking my lucky stars I am off this Eagles team and going to a legit team that is on the upswing.

Kat Ordoñez Pictures - Daddy Manny or Ninong Manny?

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Kat Ordoñez - culinary Arts student denies Manny Pacquiao is the father of her child; says the boxer-politician is only one of the godfathers...
Check out the photo of Kat Ordoñez below.

Manny Pacquiao ponders retirement
Manny Pacquiao to end his boxing career?
Manny Pacquiao gets Chinese visa in record-time
The Manny Pacquiao of today


Remembering Steve Jobs' Famous and Greatest Quotes - RIP

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Steve Jobs is the co-founder and chairman of Apple. He is the man behind some of the greatest technology advancements of our time. He is the man behind the Macintosh, imac, iPhone, iPod and all i"Stuff".

Steve is and will remain one of the greatest entrepreneur and technology pioneer of our time.

Here are some of his greatest and famous quotes about various perceptions. I hope it give you some inspiration and words of wisdom.

Steve Jobs is no longer with us. He is the greatest pioneers of our time. He died today. Steve Jobs is dead, please spread his memories. Remember how he lived, not how he died.

Steve Jobs Died at 56 - Hourly Updates

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Apple's Steve Jobs Dies - A brilliant man, RIP

Apple said founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday, the company said in a statement.

Statement from Apple - "We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today," "Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve."
A sad day for every apple lover in the world. God bless you Steve and rest in peace. A great American! I thought that is why he retired, just did not expect him to die so soon. Condolences to family members. Hr had a very creative mind.

May he finally rest in peace... Unfortunately, having all the money, power, and most technologically innvative company in the world can't even save you against pancreatic cancer. His legacy will live on in the computer world. He built a great company that will find it's way.

Check for latest pictures and update for Steve Jobs death and wake. Hourly updates will be posted here.

“To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines.” ~Steve Jobs

Amazon Kindle Fire is Totally Hot This October

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Amazon KIndle fire will now start to burn the competition with Apple iPad and Samsung galaxy in the world tablet market. For techie and gadget seekers out there, this new hip of gadget in town is the coolest thing you've been waiting for.

Amazon Kindle Fire is Apples's biggest threat. This tablet cost only $199 with lots of features and good specification. Amazon will lit fire in the tablet global market with this new Amazon Fire. You can get discounted kindle fire here

Opps Amazon!
A few reasons I would not buy this tablet:

1) I just read this tablet uses Gingerbread Android instead of Honeycomb. More than 1 year ago Google said Gingerbread is not suitable for tablets.

2) No Camera. It's almost end of 2011 and most decent tablets have front and face cameras, this doesn't even have one.

3) Too small sreen size. This tablet is 7" while most successful tablets have 9.7" or 10 "

4) 8GB is too small hard drive. Most tablets come with 16GB/32GB/64GB why only one option of 8GB?

I rather spend more on a tablet than using this poor specified tablet.

Some features of Amazon Kindle Fire includes:
Display 7" multi-touch display with IPS (in-plane switching) technology and anti-reflective treatment, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi, 16 million colors.
Size (in inches) 7.5" x 4.7" x 0.45" (190 mm x 120 mm x 11.4 mm).
Weight 14.6 ounces (413 grams).
System Requirements None, because it's wireless and doesn't require a computer.
On-device Storage 8GB internal. That's enough for 80 apps, plus 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books.
Cloud Storage Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
Battery Life Up to 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback, with wireless off. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as web browsing and downloading content.
Charge Time Fully charges in approximately 4 hours via included U.S. power adapter. Also supports charging from your computer via USB.
Wi-Fi Connectivity Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, or 802.1X standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
USB Port USB 2.0 (micro-B connector)
Audio 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, top-mounted stereo speakers.
Content Formats Supported Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX)), DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, MP4, VP8.
Documentation Quick Start Guide(included in box); Kindle User's Guide (pre-installed on device)
Warranty and Service 1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 2-year Extended Warranty available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Kindle is subject to the terms found here.
Included in the Box Kindle Fire device, U.S. power adapter (supports 100-240V), and Quick Start Guide.