Horrifying Halloween Facts and Trivia

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Why there are masks and silly costumes for Halloween?

Believing that spirits and ghosts roamed the land on All Hallows' Eve, the ancients Celts wore costumes and masks to avoid detection by these ghosts.

Why there kids doing door-to-door begging for candies?

Have you ever wondered how trick-or-treating began? On All Hallows' Eve, the Celts would leave food on their doorsteps to keep the hungry ghosts from entering their homes.

What was the first year that Universal Studios Florida held a Halloween event?

1991. After seeing Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California become the undisputed king of haunted attractions since 1972 with Knott's Scary Farm and "The Haunt", Universal jumped into the fray in 1991 to unleash their horror legacy on the public.

What was the name of the event before it was called Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal's Fright Nights. For the first year, the event was called Universal's Fright Nights and featured one haunted house called Dungeon of Terror and four Halloween shows. Or course Howl O'Scream is Busch Garden Tampa's annual haunt.

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