How To Produce Virgin Coconut Oil - Copra

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Gather coconut (prefer those mature shells).

Break all gathered shells. Scrape the coconut meat. Remember we will only use matured shells and thick coconut meat.

Gather the chunks of coconut meat. Wash the meat and prepare for drying. Make sure the size of the chunks not to exceed 3 sq inches for better and faster drying.

Dry the chunks of coconut meat. You sun dry for several hours or days. This will preserve and avoid moisture on the coconut chunks.

Dried coconut meat is reddish in color and you will smell the aroma of the coco milk and oil. Once all the chunks are readdish and dried you may not sell it to copra buyer or you may prepare the next step "Extract Coconut Oil" from dried copra.

Infographic - Step to Make Copra "Dried Coconut Meat"

Renewable Solar and Wind Energy - Infographic

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Hi guys, I just wanna share with you an infographic regarding renewable energy. The focus of the infographic is between solar energy and wind energy. You will also identify the pros and cons of having solar and wind energy resource.

Let's conserve and love our planet. It's the only platform of life and our future.

If you like the info graphic below regarding solar and wind energy please feel free to share and like. Thank you. Go green and environment friendly. Cheers!

renewable solar and wind energy infographic

Land, sky and wind... 400W Wind Turbine Generator Pros and Cons

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Pros of Wind Turbine Genrator:
- Zero gas emission
- It can provide high wattage in areas with strong wind
- does not generate poluttion
- the wind energy is permanent and will exist even there is no sun
- it is available around the globe

Cons of Wind Turbine Genrator:   
- There are day's when wind is not strong enough to supply energy.
- It is not silent and quite once running.
- The structure of wind turbine is huge and bulky.
- Wind energy is dependent on location and topography
- Can endanger wildlife and birds
- Prone to lightning strike.

Below is the picture of 400/600w 12/24v HAWT wind turbine.
This 12v wind turbine is a HAWT (horizontal Axis Wind Turbine).

You can view the video of the turbine in action.


I will share you setup instruction later on how to install a wind turbine generator.

- 2 inch GI Pipe
- 2 inch to 1 1.2 GI Pipe reducer
- outdoor grade wiring
- steel wires
- steel wire tensioner(adjusters)
- hybrid wind/solar charge controller

Please check my post net week for step by step instruction on how to install a wind turbine for your home.