PS3 Emulators for PC

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I wrote about ps2 emulators and posted with the list of the top emulators being used to play ps2 games on pc. Right now, I will post PS3 emulators being used to play the new ps3 games for your PC. That’s right; its PS3 emulators for PC that will help my fellow gamers play their favorite PS3 games on their PC.

The following are the PS3 Emulators or EMU that can fully play your Ps3 Games to your PC.

SEGA/SNES Emulator FilePack For PS3
PSXLoader For PS3
DosBox v0.70 For PS3 Linux
SDL MAME v114u4 For PS3
SNES9x v1.43 SRC For PS3
AdvanceMAME .106 Binary For PS3

My personal favorite is the SNES9x, whats yours?

Diablo 3 New Characters

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The Diablo 3 game is coming. So, to get a preview of the Diablo 3 New main characters and the full game itself, i will give you a teaser.

Actually, there are two new classes have been introduced. The first Diablo 3 new Character is the Barbarian. As you can see it in the Diablo 3 website, there is a Barbarian character which has a line or a teaser "I came to see firsthand the barbarians, those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat." The Barbarian have been a character for Diablo for their first game up to the second game, so its no brainer to have the Barbarian as their first main character.

Now Blizzard made the Barbarian its first Diablo 3 new Main Character. The second character on Diablo 3 game was the Witch Doctor. From is clipping "As if these assaults were not enough, the witch doctor also had at his command the ability to summon undead creatures from the netherworld to rend the flesh from his enemy's body." Now, having these kinds of lines make me excited to have the new Diablo 3 character Witch Doctor as one of the main character in the game.

After getting the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor as character classes in Diablo 3, Blizzard announces that there would be another 3 new character to be unveiled, making it to 5 characters all in all. Well they gave us two of the five. Who do you think the other three new characters are?

Dinagyang Festival 2009

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For some people who doesnt know what is Dinagyang festival, i will explain it here to you. The Dinagyang festival a feast dedicated to the child Jesus Christ. One of the most popular Festival here in the Philippines. On January 26 and 27 a grand two day celebration is going to happen. Every Street is full of people, and will always hear the sound of the drums. I just cant wait for these days. Dinagyang is really the time to enjoy. So where did the Dinagyang festival started?

The Dinagyang Festival is celebrated every fourth weekend of January to commemorate the Christianization of the natives and to honor the Holy Child Jesus. It is a very colorful parade coupled with a dramatization in honor of the patron Saint Sto. Niño as the object of dramatized offerings and prayers amidst the cracking of drums and shouts of “Viva Señor Santo Niño.” The thundering of “Hala Bira” by the tribe members makes the celebration a lively one.

Attributed now to the annual, socio-cultural-religious festival of lloilo City, the word Dinagyang was coined by an old-timer, llonggo writer and radio broadcaster, the late Pacifico Sumagpao Sudario, and first used to name the festival when it was launched in 1977. lloilo City’s Dinagyang has its early beginnings in 1968, when a replica of the image of Señor Santo Nino was brought from Cebu City to the San Jose Parish Church by Fr. Sulpicio Ebderes, OSA with a delegation of Cofradia del Sto. Nino, Cebu members. The image and party were enthusiastically welcomed at lloilo City by then parish priest of San Jose Church, Fr. Ambrosio Galindez, OSA, then Mayor Renerio Ticao, and the devotees of the Sto. Niño in the City of Iloilo.