Facebook Dislike Button?

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Facebook dislike button

facebook reach 350 million user, and Mr. Zuckerberg sent an email regarding updates and news to it subscribers lately. Hmm.. change is good but not all changes are good idea.

There are lots Facebook subscribers who are pushing for Facebook dislike button to be added. I am not favor on adding dislike button on Facebook.

NO, NO, NO DISLIKE BUTTON!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT!!! All hell will break use with the abuse it will encourage. I've seen people abuse the Like button enough to know that a Dislike buton is a FOOLISH idea. Please let me enjoy my Facebook experience without a Dislike button that will ruin it completely for me. People, if you like something, the button is right there. If you don't like something, you have the option of not clicking the damn button thank you.

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