Having Problem with Facebook Privacy Settings?

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how to fix facebook privacy settings

There is nothing about Facebook that is too complex or confusing to figure out that TWO MINUTES of diligent searching and clicking around won't cure. I never understood people's big gripes over the site...just deal with it!

I don't see what the problem is either. Since I had already gone into my privacy setting months ago (If you didn't before I don't see that you have any right to complain now) The new settings all had my "Old Settings" listed as default. Not a single setting was defaulted to "Everyone" because I had never set that - for anyone. I like the new settings - waaaay simpler than digging around for the old ones, and I love that it's super easy now to share with specific sets of people - exceptionally granular down to the individual. This was one of Facebooks best thought out changes. Yes, others have been - umm less helpful but this was a good one.

I don't understand what the big deal is.

Facebook got real crazy with the privacy settings over the last few years in the name of "personal information security" despite the fact such alterations have taken away from the whole point and purpose of Facebook--to connect you.

What is the point of being on Facebook if no one in your network who might want to--le gasp--network with you can see any relevant information other than your name and an empty profile picture icon? Shoot your friends an IM, email, or write a letter. Better yet, stay on your MySpace.

I miss the days when you had to be a college student or a recent graduate to sign up. Why join a networking site to just stay in touch with your regular group of friends? Why put ANYTHING on the internet you don't want random people to find? Trying to appease and appeal to the mass public makes Facebook less appealing.

When logging in to Facebook Thursday, I, like millions of other people, got the directive to update my privacy settings to fit in to the new, "simplified," scheme.

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