Backyard Chinese New Year Fireworks Setup - Year of the Horse 2014

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My backyard fireworks setup for 2014 Chinese New Year(Year of the Horse) remote firing using DIY igniters. All set and ready to fire. A blessed and prosperous 2014. Happy 2014 Chinese New Year.

Going Green and Clean - Sustainable

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Investing in a sustainable home is a great experience. I uploaded some of my DIY projects for my solar home. All materials are acquired from I am proud of the outcome of my hardwork and investment. Living green in a sustainable home makes me happy. I will keep you posted as I continue updating my solar power system setup. You guys should try your own solar power home. It's fun and building it is exiting. Have fun!!

25Watt Solar panel with 10A Charge Controller. Gate lighting with motion sensor switch, light sensor, and fence overnight lighting.

Epiphany - Tres Reyes

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Happy Three Kings everyone, may the spirit of the living God be with us all. May the gift of, myrrh and frankincense be symbol of overflowing blessing and goodness this 2014.
Tomorrow is a brand new day, new hope, new dreams, new challenges and new journey. Cheers and live with God.

DIY Remote Firing System - New Year 2014

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Happy 2014 New Year! Here's my homemade DIY firing system using breadboard, LAN wire, 4 channel remote, homemade igniter. Simple 7 single shot fireworks to blast 2014 New Year.