Guatemala Sinkhole Raw Video

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Flooding and landslides from Agatha have killed at least 144 people and left thousands homeless across Central America, officials say.

In the department of Chimaltenango - a province west of Guatemala City - landslides buried dozens of rural Indian communities and killed at least 60 people, Governor Erick de Leon said.

In all about 110,000 people were evacuated in Guatemala.

Thousands more have fled their homes in neighbouring Honduras, where the death toll rose to 15 even as meteorologists predicted three more days of rain.

In El Salvador, at least 179 landslides have been reported and 11,000 people were evacuated. The death toll was nine, President Mauricio Funes said.

Agatha was demoted from a tropical storm to a tropical depression on Saturday night and lost its status as a depression on Sunday evening.

Latest Results of Indi 500 - 2010 Indy 500 Mike Conway Huge Airborne Crash

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2010 Indy 500 Mike Conway Huge Airborne Crash into the Catchfence. Incredible scenes at the end of this years Indy 500. While everyone coasting to the line upfront, Mike Conway has one of the most horrendous accidents at Indy. He made contact with Ryan hunter Reay and get's launched into the air, flies into the catchfence. The car disintegrates and Mike Conway survives...

All the best to Mike, hopefully he will make a speedy recovery soon!