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“Likewise you husbands, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel” (1peter 3:7)

As the head of her relationship, the man is in a more critical position to determine the course and atmosphere of the home. It is essential that he relate wisely and with understanding to the mate God has given him.

The following are some areas he must understand about his wife:

1. A More Emotional Nature- A woman has been given a more emotional and sensitive nature than the man. She sees and feels things differently than her husband. This gives her the advantage of greater compassion and sensitivity, and the disadvantage of being more easily affected, influenced, and hurt. Don’t treat her like one of the boys but rather respect this part of her God-given nature.

2. A Need for Love- If marital counsel to husbands could be summed up in four words it would be, “Husbands, love your wives” (Eph. 5:25). When a woman feels truly loved by her husband, she enjoys a deep, inner security and peace. This love must be demonstrated daily in acts of kindness, preference and expressions of affection.

3. A Need for Self-Esteem- Many women struggle with low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of inferiority, and a lack of self-worth. Many also feel ugly, unattractive, unintelligent, and lacking in real virtues. Husbands compliment and encourage your wives! Build her sense of value and self-worth. As he head, she looks to you for much of her definition of herself.

4. A Need of Security- The man is to be the prime provider for his family. God has given him the charge of headship, and the main responsibility for financial support. By your ambition, work habits, and diligence, demonstrate to your wife that she can be secure with you as provider.

5. A Biological difference- The reproductive cycle of a woman affects he moods and feelings. During menstruation and pre-menstruation period, her estrogen and progesterone levels are at their lowest and this affects her emotional condition. Employ extra patience, understanding, and sensitivity during this time..

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    Thanks for sharing the informative post. Most importantly the husband should be very caring in a relationship. They should treat every day of their marriage with utmost importance and should try to make his better half happy. He should also provide full satisfaction to his partner in every aspect of their relationship, maybe any romance idea or any other responsibility.