Anonymous will attack Fox, Facebook, banks and drug cartel today November 5.

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Time to say "Goodbye" Facebook"
Breaking News, Facebook is under attack by Anonymous group. November 5, 2011.

If you haven’t made it a point to remember the fifth of November before, hacktivists belonging to the group Anonymous are looking to change all of that this weekend.

On Saturday, those members are expected to open up battlefronts across the Web and in banks across the country. Facebook is now a target for abusing user privacy.

The bad news is Anonymous is probably good enough to take down the social network, if only for a brief while, if they felt like it. The good news — for Facebook fans — is that the group frequently uses threats and warnings as a way to get people thinking about their targets without actually diving in.

Facebook was down for a short while just today. May be a sign of an impending, bigger attack.

Why do you assume that you will always have facebook? Just because its so popular now does not mean that it will be sticking around. If we look back in history at social networking sites they all have their prime followed by a slow and steady drop in users as they all migrate to the next “big” thing. If they switch to a paid service you will see that migration happen even faster.

I believe if and when they decide to do it, it will be to bring the whole network down. not just simply overloading the servers temporarily. I’m talking about a virus type scenario. It would be kind of hard for them to do but it’s only a matter of time. However Anonymous supports the free exchange of ideas. They support the Occupy movement, which uses social networks like Facebook to communicate with people, so attacking Facebook would be shooting themselves in the foot.

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