Google Wall of Ideas

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Hey guys, take a look at this.. the Google wall of ideas. I was fascinated with posts and images written on the wall. Image was hosted is flickr so just click the link to view the original image. Google will rule the world! hehehe.. These are just crazy ideas that pop out in the minds of every people, who knows and uses Google
  • Make earth rotate faster
  • Buy Youtube
  • Google resort and casino
  • Develop warp drive to bypass speed of light
  • Secret tunnel through earth
  • Offshore wind tunnel conservatory
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Killer Robot Research Center
  • Google New User Farm
  • Google GAIA
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Some consider it already as almighty, divine, powerful. Those were just the adjectives I heard from most of my colleagues and in online forum. In general Google is still a company, who has the mission and vision of its own. Google changed the life and most of the thing in the web today. Go Google...

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