Ramona Padilla Latest Photos in Turkey and Hongkong

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Senator Ramon Bong Revilla now thinks half-sister involved in brother’s killing.

Recent update on the case according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer: "A source close to the Revilla clan floated this suspicion Saturday, after Bautista, 22, was sighted at Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Friday night. She had a red scarf wrapped around her face and neck and turned away from one reporter who asked where she was going."

This murder has taken on farcical proportions of a comical soap opera, and it is so unnerving to see the usual demons of lies, corruption and entitlement rear its ugly head, yet it seems that the Philippine people does nothing about it, which is most frightening, The fact that a suspect was allowed to flee the country demonstrates that the Philippines is a nation that sustains itself on bribery and not on principles. Whether the senator is an accomplice to this or not, we will find out later, but there should be a thorough investigation, and the Aquino government must root out more of these cancerous leeches of past regimes who have been feeding of the well being and progress of the Philippine people.

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