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Really funny, but I guess there are way more insider-jokes than the ones I've found. The story is also a little bit confusing, but I hope there is an happy end.
I am satisified with the beta version of Office 2010, Outlook search still sucks but there are alternatives (Lookeen :)
Word and Power Point stay the same (at least for me ;)

There was a moment in this movie where I completely lost my mind...freaking out is so awesome, no movie ever moved me like this one.

Clippy's not dead. He's frozen. And when we find a cure for complete anal suckiness we'll thaw the Clipster out and he's gonna be mad. How mad? Have you ever had Office crash when you're trying to save a document and multiplied that by a million times? That's how mad he's gonna be!

Office 2008 killed Clippy.

Office 2010 Full Movie Trailer Download Here

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