Doomsday Virus a holocaust?

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Year 2012 is considered the Doomsday? The End? If this will be the end of our existence here on earth then how will everything will come to an end? Theories, philisophies, predictions and history are all been part of this nonetheless we don't have to worry since no matter we are going to do, our life still will come to an end.

But few question that we need to know, if Doomday happen how will every life-form vanish?

After reading several articles I found some possible ways on how this thing will possibly happen:
  • Doomsday Virus - the internet and information superhighway is the backend of daily transaction and business. Internet savy, geeks, programmer and hackers exist. Some are living in the underground world, creating powerful programs and scripts "The Virus". Virus, is primary cause of intrusions and damage to companies and infrastructure worldwide. We already read news regarding history of computer virus and attacks, the question is how will Doomsday virus spread its payload? What will be its primary target and reason why it was developed? I don't have any idea if there is virus being incubated from an underground laboratory "Doomsday Virus"....

  • Doomsday Life Virus - from the video above, (credits to DiscoveryNetworks ). We are familiar with Anthrax few years ago. Will doomsday human virus spread the infection more powerful than anthrax?

  • Doomsday Planet X - the sighted Planet Nibiru approach to earth by 2012?

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