Erap New Movie... One more chance?.. or No more chance…?

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One more chance?.. or No more chance…?

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada announced his candidacy yesterday in Tondo, Manila. He claims to be a resident of Tondo because he was born at the Mary Johnston Hospital, Estrada was never a slum dweller. He came from the Ejercito clan, one of the riches in the country.

He was jailed by the current administration once, and released because of Presidential Pardon. Mr. Estrada’s current status right now in presidential arena is almost like a movie. I’m wondering for the best title for this movie.. hmmmm… “The Return and the Come Back?” Duh!....... “One More Chance?”…Perfect!!
Does he worth a second chance?

We Filipino’s need that spice the blooms other countries in Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. We don’t need to import that spice coz the Filipino Dream is just within are grasp. Yeah just within our grasp… You don’t need to search for it, coz it’s just within our hearts.

Philippine success is not a movie, somewhat life in Philippine is like a drama to those who feel and a comedy to those who see. If we want to help our nation, let us start within ourselves. We must be aware against brainwash, credibility, wealth and sweet coated lips of politician out there. Let us not stuck ourselves with this euphoria coz it might backfire to us.

All presidential candidates have good and bad points, are judgment lies within ourselves.

Who will emerge from the rut and stand as the New Leader of Philippine politics?

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