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Why do they wait so long? Aren't they afraid of people loosing interest not only in Spiderman but more generally in the superhero genre if they wait too long?

Let's hope that Marvel and Sony will try to start the production of Spiderman 4 as soon as possible!

Much like in the comics. A side effect of the gas Norman inhaled can cause stasis in the event of massive trauma causing state of near suspended animation while the body heals. Figure Norman bypasses autopsy somehow, and the puncture wounds wouldn't be all that hard to overcome. He awoke several weeks after his funeral and, like the Lazarus pit side effect, awoke in a near psychotic state tearing his way from the grave. Once coming to his senses he sets up a new life for himself in Europe using funds squirreled away over the years in Swiss accounts. I'd reveal all of this in Spiderman Six.

In film chronology there is about six years elapsed time from Spiderman to Spiderman 4 and in this gap Osborne has been building a new Empire for himself using shadow corporations and pseudonyms. He is now a force to be reckoned with and directs his formidable resource towards the goal of making Spiderman’s life hell.

I have even toyed with the idea of Osborne being the facilitator bringing a lot of this tech to the mass of random costume villains cropping up. He’s not giving it away, but he’s developing it and using his underworld contacts allows some to go missing here and there and see to it that low level crooks like Rhino and Electro get a good tutorial on how to use the stuff, knowing full well Spiderman will have to butt heads with them to bring them in. This might help with the Goblin Sinister Six angle, basically making Goblin in some way responsible for all of their abilities through either tech or funding, as it was in the case of Ock, though Harry was in charge of Oscorp at that time.

Speaking of Harry the stasis effect also leave a means for him to make a comeback later, and if he does I’d leave him nuts for a while and have him take on the Hobgoblin persona to antagonize his father.

Who will be Spiderman's foe in the movie?
1. Lizzard (aka Dr. Curt Connors who appeared in Spiderman 3) Good chance to my viewpoint too !
2. Electro
3. Hydroman
4. Mysterio Unlikely, but I like the idea of a Mysterio ;-)
5. Carnage Highly probable! Remember: Dr. Curt Connors still has a sample of Venom...
6. Chameleon
7. Shocker
8. Vulture
9. HogGoblin
10. Rhino

I don't really know how to introduce that but well looks like Sony Pictures has ditched Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire over creatives differences.

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