Holy Pushback Huge Game!

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Blizzard's, EA games, Ubisoft, Sony, and Sega are the leaders in the gaming industry as of today but they are stuck with the forthcoming release of their new big games. Gamers much anticipated new releases and updates will be pushback and the releasew ill be delayed,

Here are the list of games to be pushed back:
Starcraft II (to be pushed back) - from Blizzards (it's done when it's done) is the credo. Blizzard’s not going to release this one until it’s absolutely certain that every detail is done right.

Dante’s Inferno (to be pushed back) - Electronic Arts has put a lot of (occasionally dubious) marketing muscle behind Dante's Inferno, and there’s even a film tie-in. If it’s not a hit, that could put a lot at risk – and, as one insider noted, "it's not going to compare well." Getting it out from under God of War might be a smart move.

Heavy Rain (to be pushed back) - Lucky for Heavy Rain, it's got some nice buzz. If Sony takes the time to further polish the game and give it a little distance from the competition, it could have a new hit franchise on its hands.

Aliens vs. Predator (to be pushed back) - Sega’s already working on the follow-up title, but this one needs to make a splash. The action genre is a very crowded one in the first quarter, which could hurt the chances of AvP becoming a retail smash. A delay would be disappointing, but maybe the wisest move Sega could make.

I'm sure gamers and geek are crazy about this delays in the gaming industry.

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