Think Before You Post - Your guide to online privacy and security.

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Everyone Knows Your Name

With the fast phase of digital information and social media, personal information and private data are taken for granted. There are lots of newbie and teen nowadays who explicitly post their personal details online without considering online and personal security. Social media is useful if we use them with extra care. In field marketing and advertisement social media is like a "live search engine". Unlike search engine we can obtain information and news directly from the actual person.

But there is one thing we forgot keeping our persona details private.. private! here are few tps on how to keep yourself private:

  • Add only person whom you know

  • Avoid posting contact numbers, IM accounts

  • Avoid posting complete address

With this present digital era, "all information online is VISIBLE". Take extra caution and use Social medial wisely. In the end there are only two things either it will ruin you or it will profit you. God bless!

  • Facebook privacy

  • Friendster privacy

  • MySpace privacy

  • Twitter privacy

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