Christian by Heart

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  • Accept your path, with it's many twists and turns-- the adventure is the journey,not in the arriving.
  • Accept your humanity: you are allowed to stumble.
  • Accept your divinity; the God within you empowers you to pick yourself up again.
  • Accept suffering. It can stretch your heart to make room for greater love and joy.
  • Befriend your anger.Listen--It has much to teach you.
  • Be open to growth. The heart seeds of misfortune blossom into the flowers of courage and compassion.
  • Contentment does'nt mean getting all you want,but enjoying what you have. Don't postpone enjoyment.
  • Don't push your good intensions on others. You can't help them unless they want you to.
  • Give others freedom. When you hold them captive to your own wishes,you destroy them.
  • Ignore unfair criticism. Others can't hurt you unless you let them.You cannot change circumstances or other people.
  • If you don't like the way your life looks,try changing the way you look at life.
  • You are constantly becoming. Honor all that you have deen,all that you are,all that you will be.

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