Why I fell for you

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I don't fall for strangers. I fall in love with friends.

No, you didn't court me. I actually prefer not to be courted. Smiley...cause i prefer falling in love with a friend. I want to just hang out and get to know a person as i did with you.

You might ask why i fell in love with you?..and i told you its the little things..because it is...It would be hard for me to tell you everything because i might miss something, but if you must know some things i have in mind right now...The reason i decided why I love you is...

....because i know i can have an argument with you and still make up for it.
....because in you i found an equal. someone who doesn't put me in a pedestal. someone whom i can walk by my side and not someone who'd walk in front of me or behind me.
....because you showed me who you are..no, you did not shower me with gifts. And, its something i like because I do not want to be spoiled and be expectant of things like those in the long run.
....because i have not met anyone who's hands fit perfectly with mine when we held each other's hand, and whose arms fit perfectly on my shoulders, when we walk together, and my arms would slip perfectly on your waist.
....because when you say you're "mayabang" and your "mayabang" stories, you just make me laugh.
....because i see your good values.
....because despite your short comings, i decided i can live with it. I will not try to change you. It's up for you if you want to change it. But i will not expect because i love you....and just because there are so many little things more...
...and because i know how you love

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