Aliens Exists in Planet Saturn - Video

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Illusions from a naive science, i would say. Aliens yes, contact as expected: No. All mysteries you see are depressive, about invasion and organic creatures with two eyes walking on a planets surface. Our physics science cover up 1/INFINTY of humans imagination, but no existing firm "live" system will ever understand anything because there is no mind, no reason, no fixed rules. We know nothing, not even what we threat as fact. So this is nothing until it gets human with compatible communication.

Well, I'm not a scientist and have no training or experience in interpreting things like this (like pretty much everyone reading this I would guess). So I'm just going to assume it was an alien. Speaking English, but with a very thick outer solar system accent.

It sounds to me like "Give me your earth or I will unleash force"
and if you've done your research on aliens and their possible influence on our planet you'd know that there was a supposed "space war" over earth and the greys now own it, i think it's probable that this radio signal is a threat to those aliens who "own" the earth. What do you guys think?.

That's probably the most logical explanation.  Plus it's exciting!!

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