Philippines Government Websites Hacked January 13,2010

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According to a "reformed hacker" hackers will hack Philippine government website this coming January 13,2010. The series of websites hacked by this online vandals and hackers, is alarming to Philippine government websites servers. The recent hacked attempts are all successful wherein vandals leave message, notes and signs to homepage of most of its victims.

January 13,2010 is next date of hacking according to one of the reformed hacker. As what we can see, government authorities and IT experts need to focus regarding security of their websites and servers.

This is a new era and revolution; cyber hacking and crime is a new era on nuclear war in across the internet. It is important to keep safe and secure. A single snippet of code can totally wipe crucial information in government servers. We are looking forward that our government will consider security of government websites and database. If this issues wont get address as early as possible, we are all endanger in our upcoming 2010 election.

We are hoping that the remaining Philippine government websites are not hackable.

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