How to Setup Electric Fence for Grazelands

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- Solar Panel 5-25w
- Solar charge controller 
- 12v Battery 
- Fence Charger (Patriot Fence Energizer)
- Polywire, tie wire, or steel wire 
- Pole insulators (porcelain insulator, plastie insulator, or plastic/rubber hose)
- Fencing Poles (wooden poles, bamboo pole, steel rods, or GI/PVC pipes) 
- Lightning Arrestor (protection for fence charger against lightning strike) 
- Electric Fence Tester (optional)

Bamboo Pole (3 feet with nylon hose insulator)

Patriot Lightning Arrestor (Electric Fence Charger Safety Protection)

Solar Panel (battery shed for charge controller, and fence charge)

Solar Panel (25w)

Steps on how to setup solar/battery feed electric fence:
1. Determine what kind of animals will dwell inside your fenced property. 
2. Prepare the lot and place your fencing poles. The height of fencing poles depends on the kind of animals. For goat, chicken, sheep (3 feet smaller poles) while for horses, cattle's, cows (4-5 feet strong poles). 
3. Attached iron wire to poles and makes sure the insulator was attached as well. 
4.Once you you are done enclosing your property you may begin erecting your grounding rod. The length of grounding bar depends on the area of your property. For larger properties, the grounding pole must be erected 3-4 feet below the ground. 
5.Connect you solar panel, battery and charge controller accordingly. 
6. Once all set, connect the Fence Energizer (+) positive wire tor your battery 
7. The fence charger blinks every second. The blinking status shows that the fence energizer is working 100% 
8. Check your entire property fencing line. If you are hearing tickling sound then your fencing wire is touching the ground. Fix it by adding insulator.

Below is my solar electric fencing setup with additional purpose. I use my solar fencing setup to power my 12v motion sensor gate light, grotto lighting and 12v water pump for garden fountain.

Happy and healthy goats,Nuvian, and Boer goats soon.

Renewable Livestock Raising and Healthy Goat Meat :)

I will published setup guide on how to setup 400w wind turbine soon. Please subscribe to my blog entry and share on Facebook. Thank you.

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