Watch Live Streaming - President Cory Aquino Burial

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Watch live streaming of tita Cory burial and transfer of remains to Manila Cathedral. We will give you 24/7 live streaming video of the burial of President Cory Aquino. Watch it here live and direct. Don't miss this opportunity to watch burial of Mother of Philippine Democracy, former President Cory Aquino.

As i looked at the streets of manila, yellow colors can be seen anywhere.. people from different walks of life are there, waiting to have a glimpse at our well-loved president, Corazon C. Aquino..

Why is this so? Simple.. She is just a typical housewife turned President but her pure love for the people is being felt by many.. She showed us the real meaning of a "MOTHER" to her children, not only her blood related siblings but also the people of the nation..

As per my OWN opinion, Tita Cory will always be in my heart.. for SHE IS THE ONLY LADY PRESIDENT that i will consider and no one else...

A man who gave his life fighting for freedom
A woman who fought for freedom for the people
A love worth fighting for
.. for one another
.. for the people
.. for the country

Thank you Tita Cory and Ninoy

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