Tribute to former President Corazon Aquino

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Documentary Tribute to President Corazon Aquino, may all government leaders lay down their prides after while viewing this documentary tribute to President Aquino. President Aquino passed away 76. I truly adore the leadership and courage of President Aquino,

You are a legacy and treasure that every Pilipino can be proud of. I admire the governance of Prsident Corazon Aquino since she center God in all her service. Her government service can also be considered as God service.

Here are the famous lines from former President Aquino:

"Let us pray that we still have peacefull and honest election"

"I am burning the candle of my life in the dark,
with no one will benefit from the light.
The candle slowly melts away soon its wick
will be burned out and the light is gone.
If someone will only gather the melted wax,
we shape it and give it a new wick.
For another fleeting moment
my candle can once again light the dark.
Be of service one for time then goodbye."

Thanks, for becoming the President of the FREE PEOPLE!

Rest in peace former President Aquino, thanks for making the candle burning in the heart of every Filipino. You are a gift and a blessing for every "Juan"

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