Former President Corazon "Cory Aquino" is now Home with the Lord

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The mother of Philippine democracy and the woman behind the success of Philippine silent and bloodless revolution died at the age of 76yrs. old. Former President Cory passed away at around 3:00 in the morning August 1,2009. After several weeks of struggles against colon cancer, former President Cory joined with the Lord early this morning.

With Yellow trademark, her remains and legacy remained loved by the Filipinos. Another trademark of former President Cory is the L-Hand sign. One of her traits that is truly adored by Filipinos is her "Single Minded in one goal". In fact, former President Cory is an ideal model of every Filipino.

Though we lost our beloved former President Aquino, the nation is now hoping for ideal leaders and people who will lift this nation against puberty and debt.May all the leaders in the government follow the same selfless legacy of former President Aquino. The Philippine government is planning to have a nationwide day of mourning in honor of the former president Aquino.

We will truly missed you and your legacy. Rest in peace Tita Cory, and God bless your love ones. May the present Filipino follow your footsteps.

We lost our former President but she left a legacy of building a nation.

Rest in peace Tita Cory.

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