Unveiling Tiger Woods opponent "Pain"

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This is what a real champion can do... and this proves that he still have the prestige in the world of golf.

After the U.S. open in Tiger Woods proves that pain will never stop him for wining the champion. this is not all about the celebration, but it's survival.
Rocco Mediate’s final putt had failed to fall on the playoff round’s first extra playoff hole and finally this 14th major was Tiger’s to embrace with a grip perhaps tighter and more appreciative than any other.

If it was just that, then maybe Woods wouldn’t have been calling this his greatest major championship.

“I think this is the best,” he said. “This week had a lot of doubt to it, to be honest with you.”

This was about Woods simply not allowing himself to lose, perhaps because of how much he knows this one might wind up meaning. It wasn’t just how difficult it was, it was the fear that this is how difficult it may be from here on out.

It wasn’t just outlasting Rocco here with the midday California sun beating down, it wasn’t even Woods’ second consecutive 18th hole-overtime-forcing birdie, it wasn’t even winning a mental and physical test of wills – 358 strokes to 359.

Tiger’s knee is more troublesome than temporary. He all but admitted he reinjured it here, said he was shutting things down again for a while and might skip the British Open next month. It was a clear testament not just to the potential severity but that this may be worse than ever.

Tiger Woods, you're the man!

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