Pacquiao Diaz Fight.. Pacquiao Diaz....

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I watched the videos of some of Diaz fights, especially against Morales. Diaz keeps moving forward and is the aggressor in round 1, Morales was been tag then he counter and K.D. Diaz but the time expired and Diaz recovered. With Santa Cruz, Diaz win with late K.O. but Santa Cruz was ahead on points.With Montano, Diaz can not finish Montano, I do not know if Diaz trained hard or not.
For sure Diaz will train hard and will not underestimate Pacquiao, so, expect Diaz with his A level of fights( good barometer is the fight against Morales and Santa Cruz) and expect that he will throw volume of punches and he will try to overwhelm Pacquiao and will use his wide body as an advantage. But Pacquiao has a good chance because he does not need to come after Diaz, Manny should use his hand speed, more head movement and more footwork. Manny should also throw combination of punches to the body and the head, he should lessen the head hunting which Morales failed to do, Diaz has a wider body which can be target easily and Diaz has a poor defense. The body shoots will lead an open door for the head to be exposed.

The Port Hole for Manny's Win:
  • stamina
  • speed
  • footwork
  • body
  • shoots
  • head movement
Golden Rule: "pacquiao finished a tired morales.. diaz can't finish a tired morales. 1+1=2"

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