Here Comes the Spiderman

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With the rapid development in IT and discoveries, here comes the new "Under Development". The Miracle material of the future and clothing that cannot only s as body armor but also help humans climb walls like Spiderman.

Nicola Pugno a structural engineering professor at the Polythecnic University in Turin, Italy has published a paper that outlines how carbon nanotubes could be used to create super-adhesive boots and gloves capable of supporting human weights.

This reaserch by Pugno was inspired by the way geckos and spiders are able to scamper up and down vertical surfaces. Geckos stick becausethey have thousands of tiny-fibers on their feet that creates adhesion thru capillarity action (due to the thin layer of water between their feet and surface) and the van der waals force (close molecules bonds). A spider climbs a vertical syrface relies on a nano-interlocking fibers.
In order to duplicate these adhesive in a human scale, Pugon theorizes that a material could be made from millions of carbon nanotubes woven into 1cm-thick threads. At the end of each thread, the nanotube would fan out to provide millions of points of contact between the material an, creating enough adhesive force to support the weight of 150-pound man. Although this is currently a theory, Pugno hopes that a prototype could be developed from his calculation of 10years. If this gonna happen we'll gonna see are ourselves climbing walls of buildings and not using stairs or elevators anymore.

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