My Halfway Journey

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She's a traveler. She loves to explore the world and discover what lies on the other side or to simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

But among her many journeys, the recent one is exceptional. It is compulsory and work-related. Not intended for fun or pleasure.

The trip is done twice or thrice a week - routinary actually. It is an uphill climb through the long and yet winding road that tends to make her dizzy everytime. Relief would only come once she's stepped her feet out unto the ground and smell the scent of the soothing country air.

She always consider her destination as a temporary haven. A breakaway from the four walls that isolated her from the reality outside (though, the isolation is more of a personal choice). The same four walls that seemed to close in on her lately and is somewhat squeezing her tight - or so she thought.

And today, she's bound to undergo this routinary trip again.

This time, she squints into the platinum sunrise that glared through her eyes. Up ahead, the cemented road sparkled like granite under the unencumbered sun.

She can hear the roar of the car engine mixing with the rushing of the winds as they drive past road signs and the lush green scenery. For awhile, she thought she recognized the sound - IT IS THE SONG OF HER LIFE. Sighing, she thought that maybe, they're now treading down memory lane. It is all Dejavu'ish. A reminder of an ancient memory of what she used to hear during her childhood days - that weekly trip to her grandmother's hometown. A feeling of homesickness.

And now, the SONG resonated with the power of a symphonic crescendo. Exalting her.

She then realized that - this is not a temporary insanity but rather,it is a rare moment of clarity. An awakening that within these borders surrounding her,lives the JOURNEY and the ARRIVAL - THE HEALING AND THE HEALED.

She feels that she needs to embark on another purposeful journey. It would be her one chance to change the course of her life - To find the melody of the SONG and complete it.

Initially, her mind begins to wander and she lets the adventure to just begin...

She opened herself up and started to:

  • WELCOME A NEW DAY which is everything she always failed to appreciate knowing its unpredictability to be either stormy, sunny or just plain blue.

  • WELCOME PAIN which is everything she's always feared to feel and yet the very thing which teaches her to be strong.

  • WELCOME MAGIC which is everything real and yet she cannot see.

  • WELCOME CHANGE which is everything she thought is inevitably tragic and yet realize that it's a necessity to living still.

  • WELCOME INSANITY which is everything unexplainable. A thin line between irrationality and logic.

  • WELCOME FAILURES which is everything she dreaded and yet can't be helped at most times.

  • WELCOME LOVE which is everything she hoped, could teach her on how to perfect free-falling without looking like a total fool.

Nevertheless, she knows that she's bound to arrive.

For now, she only have to let tomorrow worry about tomorrow while she dared to take the ultimate leap of faith unto the unknown. She somehow realized that it wouldn't matter whether she lands on her feet or not, afterall, SHE COULD always LEARN TO FLY and still soar the world.

IT's a neverending journey.
And, she's almost halfway there....

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