Land, sky and wind... 400W Wind Turbine Generator Pros and Cons

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Pros of Wind Turbine Genrator:
- Zero gas emission
- It can provide high wattage in areas with strong wind
- does not generate poluttion
- the wind energy is permanent and will exist even there is no sun
- it is available around the globe

Cons of Wind Turbine Genrator:   
- There are day's when wind is not strong enough to supply energy.
- It is not silent and quite once running.
- The structure of wind turbine is huge and bulky.
- Wind energy is dependent on location and topography
- Can endanger wildlife and birds
- Prone to lightning strike.

Below is the picture of 400/600w 12/24v HAWT wind turbine.
This 12v wind turbine is a HAWT (horizontal Axis Wind Turbine).

You can view the video of the turbine in action.


I will share you setup instruction later on how to install a wind turbine generator.

- 2 inch GI Pipe
- 2 inch to 1 1.2 GI Pipe reducer
- outdoor grade wiring
- steel wires
- steel wire tensioner(adjusters)
- hybrid wind/solar charge controller

Please check my post net week for step by step instruction on how to install a wind turbine for your home.

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