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Watch and download the Philippine Version of Paranormal Activity 3. "Paranormal Activity 3" didn't just go bump in the night. It made a ton of noise at the box office with a record-setting, $54 million opening. "Paranormal Activity 3" is actually a prequel, with the discovery of disturbing home-movie footage from 1988. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made the creepy documentary "Catfish," took over directing duties this time. I watched the movie last night and it ended about 12 this morning (nothing to do with my point..)and I wouldn't say it was a bad movie but I wouldn't say it was good either.I laughed in most parts of the movie(‼small spoiler‼ especially when she is dragged out of bed and down the hall)The ending was probably the creepiest part of the whole movie(‼small spoiler‼ It bothered me that at the end of the movie,the screen was completely black for about 8 minutes.It was pointless really) Paranormal Activity 3 movie isn't scary but if it did happen or maybe already happen it would be one of the scariest things to ever happen. and this movie is bitter than the 2nd one. that's just what I think. Paranormal Activity 3's success just shows it's not necessary to pay big stars $30M to be in a film, for it to be a success at the box office. Creative storytelling more than makes up for star power. Not to say that PA series are amazing films or anything, however the filmmakers are being creative by not relying on formula, or star power. The scene when the demon was behind the babysitter in the white sheet really creeped me out! I was waiting for it to do something to her. And really, people! Those of you in her griping about stupid stuff.....IT'S JUST A MOVIE! Watch the Philippine Version of Paranormal Activity 3 below. These Paranormal Activity 3 film really do make the hairs on your back get pointy.. wich i think makes the film worthy of atleast one watch. Paranormal Activity 3 Philippines Watch Full Trailer Paranormal Activity 3 Paramount Paranormal Activity 3 Download Full Video Paranormal Activity 3

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