Moammar Gadhafi Captured - Latest Pictures

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Big Fish Captured? I hope this news is true and we hope this is the end of iron fist in Libya.

(Proof Pictures of Gadhafi's Death - Warning Graphic Images Below) - Picture of dean Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Gadhafi Capture is Top Priority for Rebels, Says Libyan Envoy Pictures of captured Moammar Gadhafi. Libyan fighters said Wednesday they have taken control of the last holdout of Moammar Gadhafi loyalists in his hometown of Sirte. This is indeed the historic day in Libya.

Moammar Gadhafi Captured Images
Moammar Gadhafi Iron Fist
Moammar Gadhafi Shot and Killed
End of War in Libya
Moammar Gadhafi Dead

Source: Getty Images

This is the dramatic day to Libya and the whole world. Libyan fighters drove the last holdouts of Moammar Gadhafi out of his hometown of Sirte in a few hours of fierce gunbattles Thursday, then declared victory over the last major resistance two months after the fall of Tripoli. The ecstatic former rebels celebrated by firing endless rounds into the sky, pumping their guns, knives and even a meat cleaver in the air and signing the national anthem.

Live pictures in Tripoli of celebration. Salavatory gun fire and ship horns is in the air of Tripoli Libya.

We are still waiting for the final confirmation and update from NTC and we will post pictures of Moammar Gadhafi here.

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