Check This Out Manny Pacquiao New Ferrari Italia

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Ferrari Italia. Image Source:

Check this out, Manny Pacquaio bought a brand new Ferrari Italia for $.24Million Dollar. Pacquiao used to move around the LA area in a gray Navigator, and then got a 2007 Mercedes convertible.

Experience the ride with Pac ferrari Italia.

Nice choice of wheels Manny.. According to reports, Pacquiao has just purchased a brand-new Ferrari, a shining black 458 Italia.

A couple of days ago, he was checking on a Mercedes Gullwing, which was being sold to him for $210,000. However, it seemed that he chose the 4,499cc V8 Ferrari instead. The Ferrari model sells for as much as $240,000.

I wont be able to get one of those probably in my lifetime.. it is your right to do whatever you see fit to your money to make you happy.. now all I ask from you is stay the same man the people knew way back, with political power now added in your already powerful hands I wish you the best of luck to all your endeavors.

Pacman Ferrari Italia Off the Road
Bullet Proofed Pacquaio Ferrari Italia
Pacquaio vs. Mayweather Ferrari Italia
Comparison of Pacquaio MayweatheFerrari Italia

All I can say is Drive carefully Cong. and Col. Manny Paquiao...

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