London Olympics 2012 ' Zion' Logo

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Any reasonable person who isn't dealing in self-deception can clearly see that, once rearranged, the shapes make out the writing 'Zion'. That's just rude and ignorant that the people in charge would let the logo get designed this way. It's flat out embarassing. Shape up.

Iran was not the first to spot this very real and intentional logo. it says exactly what it says - zion. see ian r crane's talk in liverpool back in 2008. there is no reason to have that 'dot' in the logo. massive money was spent on designing, something redidulous like 400k. people complained back then it caused epilosy, and the person / organiser said no, they would not change it, cos it was 'important' to them...

If u write 2012 in straight lines it will always make the word Zion.

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