Starcraft II the Next Game Epic

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The game trailer looks great yo... It's cinematic and simply, the most bad ass game I've ever seen before. Too bad I don't have this game, but strictly, this is just gonna be one the world's most awesome kick ass strategy game ever created. True, I never thought of how hard to make a marine. And by the way what's this big dude's name?? he's one of the hardest ass to be kicked; very badly!! Anyway, he's cool.

I loved starcraft cuntrag, but this was playing the original with a few new features, cumstain. See i can swear to, dont demean yourself with swear words, so i want my money back (not literally), but i've already got starcraft, you have to honestly be retarded, you must, no questions asked, except you might be a kid. Do you think ?, seriously can you process thought, it was a simple statement that you misinterpreted deliberately or by retardation.

Ok after over 24 hrs of having this game and playing about 4 hours I have to say this game rocks. However, my only concern is why, why after ALL these freaking years does the storyline seem...too familiar? Typical transmissions that don't run well together, talking sounds fake and unrealistic, and they overall seem to run the storyline like they did back in the day. Not a huge concern, I just feel like I have to ask why the long wait? All this time I thought I'd be a bit more impressed.

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