Melamine Panic, Melamine Scandal

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China's milk manufacturer in the melamine scandal:
What is Melamine? Is it dangerous? Here are the list of milk manufacturers in China that are suspected for melamine contamination:
  • Sanlu, China
  • Yili, China
  • Shandong Duqing Inc., China
  • Mengniu Dairy
  • Bright Dairy
Chemistry of Melamine

The problem stems from unscrupulous practices in China where water is added to raw milk to increase its volume. As the milk is diluted, so is its protein content.

Melamine goes beyond milk and diary product contamination:

Public fear are further fueled in some countries when rumor mongers started to mill the news stating that even plastic wares are contaminated with melamine and eating from those plastic wares might be hazardous to health. Apparently with this rumor mills, PLASTICOS ECOLĂ“GICOS DEL PERU, a company from Peru dealing in plastic wares is getting more famous because its website was name

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