Funny Hallowen Custome Ideas

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Joke and Gag Costumes

You always got laughs in class--even the teacher smiled. But this time you don't have to worry about detention or getting sent to the principal's office. Just worry about perfecting your stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show"!

* Whoopie Cushion
* Dribble Glass--wear a round plastic cylinder and sprinkle confetti any time anyone tries to "drink"
* Toilet--although you're not known for toilet humor
* Keystone Kop or bumbling security guard costume
* Clown costumes, of course!
* Peanut brittle can full of snakes--don a fancy patterned shirt and black pants with plastic snakes hanging from your belt and/or taped to your shirt.

Funny Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, so start your own health care plan with funny costume ideas. You can wear doctor-and-nurse funny adult costumes with fake hypodermic needles and clown accessories. Remember all those classic circus routines? Clown doctors and nurses. Laughing gas. Madcap medicine!

If you're in more of a naughty mood, try a gyneocological funny costume. While inappropriate behavior isn't funny, even Patch Adams as played by Robin Williams tried humor at a gynecological convention. Just make sure everyone behaves responsibly--funny Halloween costumes don't seem so hysterical when you remember that you actually tried to play doctor under the influence of alcohol.

Funny Political Costumes

With political masks, you have built-in funny costume ideas. Just be sure that your attire matches your funny costume mask. Might we suggest:

* Duck hunter's outfit (or a waffle costume) with a mask of Senator John Kerry
* President Clinton mask with Big Mac or French Fries funny costume
* Senator Ted Kennedy mask paired with Breathalyzer or Beer Keg funny costume

And to honor our current president, you can wear a George W. Bush mask with a classic cowboy costume for this Texan--it worked for President Reagan funny Halloween costumes in the 1980s. That's not so much a humorous idea as a patriotic one. But even our President pokes fun at himself. That's the best kind of political humor--laughing at ourselves in funny adult costumes.

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