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Here is the list of usefull desktop application for Ubuntu Users


Email Client = Thunderbird

Compare to: Microsoft Outlook

IRC Client = X-Chat 2

Compare to: mIRC

Universal Instant Messaging Client = Pidgin (formerly Gaim)

Compare to: Trillian

Web browser = FireFox

Compare to: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Voice Over IP = OpenWengo

Compare to: Skype


Learning Games = Childsplay

Compare to: Unknown

Planetarium = Stellarium

Compare to: Unknown

Space Simulator = Celestia

Compare to: Unknown

Flight Simulator = FlightGear

Compare to: MS Flight Simulator

Typing Tutor = Tux Typing

Compare to: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Beginner Drawing Program = Tux Paint

Compare to: KidPix

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

General 2D/3D CAD = QCAD, VariCAD (proprietary)

Compare to: AutoCAD

2D/3D CAD viewer = VariCAD Viewer (freeware)

Compare to: Voloview/Trueview

Electrical Schematics

General Electronic Design Automation = gEDA

Compare to: Unknown

Circuit Board Design = PCB, xCircuit

Compare to: Unknown

Transmission Line Calculator = TransCalc

Compare to: Unknown


Personal Accounting = Grisbi

Compare to: Quicken, Microsoft Money

Accounting = Gnucash

Compare to: Intuit Quickbooks

Small Business ERP & CRM = FacturaLUX (English translation not yet available)

Compare to: Concorde C5

Games :Need to be verified in repositories

3D Space Simulator = Vega Strike, Epiar

Compare to: Eve-Online

3D Tank Battle (Real-time) = BZFlag

Compare to: Unknown

3D Tank Battle (Turn-based) = Scorched 3D

Compare to: Unknown

3D Pirate Action/Adventure = Crown and Cutlass

Compare to: Pirates!

Arcade space shooter = Chromium, Max Fighter, Kobo Deluxe

Compare to: Demon Star, Chicken Invaders

Billiards (Pool) = FooBillard

Compare to: Unknown

First-person Shooter = Sauerbraten, Warsow, Tremulous, OpenArena, Nexuiz

Compare to: Quake, Doom, Unreal

First-person Shooter (Hexen II clone) = Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion

Compare to: Hexen II

Karaoke player = Plarpebu, PyKaraoke

Compare to: Unknown

Lemmings-clone = Pingus

Compare to: Lemmings

Mario-clone = SuperTux, Secret Maryo Chronicles

Compare to: Super Mario Bros

Missle-Command clone = Penguin Command

Compare to: Unknown

MMORPG = PlaneShift, Eternal Lands

Compare to: Everquest

Pang clone = PiX Pang

Compare to: Super Pang

Racing = PlanetPenguin Racer (f.k.a. TuxRacer), VDrift, SuperTuxKart

Compare to: Unknown

Real-Time Strategy = Glest, Dark Oberon, Globulation

Compare to: Warcraft 2, Starcraft

Risk clone = JavaRisk

Compare to: Unknown

Net Hack clone = Vulture’s Eye/Claw

Compare to: Unknown

Tron clone = Armagetron Advanced

Compare to: Unknown

Turn-based Strategy (Fantasy) = Battle for Wesnoth

Compare to: Age of Wonders, Heroes of Might and Magic, Warlords

Turn-based Strategy (World Building) = LinCity-NG OpenTTD

Compare to: SimCity, Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Turn-based Strategy (Sci-Fi) = UFO: Alien Invasion, Zombies

Compare to: X-Com

Unique = SpiceTrade

Compare to: Unknown

Unique = Neverball

Compare to: Unknown

Unique = X-Moto

Compare to: Elasto Mania


Database (Desktop) = OpenOffice.org (Base)

Compare to: Microsoft Office (Access)

Desktop Publishing = Scribus

Compare to: InDesign, Quark XPress, PageMaker

Mind Mapping = FreeMind (not in Ubuntu, .deb package download from site)

Compare to: Mindjet MindManager, Inspiration

PDF creator = OpenOffice.org (Base)

Compare to: PDF Creator, Adobe Acrobat

Presentation = OpenOffice.org (Impress)

Compare to: Microsoft Office (Powerpoint)

Spreadsheet = OpenOffice.org (Calc)

Compare to: Microsoft Office (Excel)

Word Processor = OpenOffice.org (Writer), AbiWord

Compare to: Microsoft Office (Word)

Scientific Word Processor = LyX (LaTeX GUI frontend)

Compare to: Scientific Word

Notepad Replacement = gedit, SciTE

Compare to: Notepad

OCR = Tesseract OCR

Compare to: OmniPage, Recognita, FineReader

Management :Need to be verified in repositories

Gantt chart = GanttProject

Compare to: Microsoft Project

Project management = Planner, OpenWorkbench

Compare to: Microsoft Project

Report Creator = JasperReports

Compare to: Crystal Reports

Analisi dei processi = APbyAS

Compare to Unknown

Gestione Attività = PMbyAS

Compare to Microsoft Project


Animal Shelter Manager = Animal Shelter Manager (not in Ubuntu, .deb available)

Compare to: Unknown

Virtual PC emulator = Bochs, Qemu

Compare to: VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC

Linux environment = (WTF?)

Compare to: Cygwin

Recipe Manager = Gourmet Recipe Manager (not in Ubuntu, .deb available)

Compare to: Unknown

Screen Saver = GnomeScreenSaver, XScreenSaver, Really Slick Screensavers

Compare to: Unknown

Language Translation tool = OmegaT (not in Ubuntu)

Compare to: Unkown

Multimedia :Need to be verified in repositories

3D Animation = Blender, Wings 3D

Compare to: Alias Maya

3D Graphics = POV-Ray

Compare to: Unknown

3D Game Development Kit = Crystal Space, Ogre3d

Compare to: Unknown

Audio :Need to be verified in repositories

Audio Editing = Audacity

Compare to: Adobe Audition

Audio Player = Coolplayer, Zinf

Compare to: WinAMP, Windows Media Player

Drum Machine = Hydrogen

Compare to: Unknown

MP3 Ripper = CDex

Compare to: Unknown

Volume normalizer = MP3Gain

Compare to: Unknown

Drawing :Need to be verified in repositories

Diagram Editor = Dia

Compare to: Microsoft Visio

Image Editing = Gimp, Paint.NET

Compare to: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop

Vector Drawing = Inkscape

Compare to: Adobe Illustrator, Xara Extreme, Corel Draw

Other :Need to be verified in repositories

HTPC/PVR Media Centre = MediaPortal

Compare to: Microsoft Media Centre Edition (MCE), Showshifter, SageTV

Media Player = VLC media player

Compare to: Windows Media Player, PowerLink PowerDVD, Intervideo WinDVD

Web Design = Nvu

Compare to: Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver

Video :Need to be verified in repositories

Internet TV platform = Democracy Player

Compare to: iTunes, FireAnt

Video Capture = VirtualDub

Compare to: Sorenson Squeeze

Video MPEG-4 codec = ffdshow, XviD

Compare to: DivX

Video Editing = Jashaka, Avidemux,

Compare to: Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Studio, Apple Final Cut


See UbuntuScience/AlternativesToProprietarySoftware.

Security :Need to be verified in repositories

802.1x client (EAP-TTLS) = SecureW2

Compare to: Unknown

Anti-Spyware = Winpooch, Spybot Search&Destroy (not OpenSource, but FreeWare)

Compare to: Unknown

Anti-Virus = ClamWin

Compare to: Unknown

Encryption = Truecrypt

Compare to: Unknown

Network protocol analyzer = Wireshark

Compare to: Sniffer

Password strength testing = Ophcrack 2

Compare to: LOphtCrack

Password safe = KeePass Password Safe, Password Safe

Compare to: Unknown

VPN client = OpenVPN client GUI for Windows

Compare to: Cisco VPN client, Nortel VPN client

Software Development :Need to be verified in repositories

Framework/Platform = Mono

Compare to: Microsoft .NET Framework, Java

Integrated Development Environment = Eclipse, SharpDevelop, Code::Blocks

Compare to: Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland IDE

Windows Installer = Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, Inno Setup

Compare to: InstallShield, Microsoft Installer


BitTorrent client = Azureus, BitTorrent Client

Compare to: Unknown

FileCompression = File Roller

Compare to: WinZip

FTP Client = gFTP, FileZilla (Ubuntu 7.04 and later)

Compare to: SmartFTP, BulletProof FTP

Statistics on Disk usage = du, df

Compare to: WinDirStat

P2PFileSharing = MLDonkey

Compare to: Napster, Shareaza, Ares Galaxy

Remote Administration = RealVNC, TightVNC, rdesktop, FreeNX

Compare to: PCAnywhere, GoToMyPC.com, Windows Remote Desktop, UltraVNC

Server Applications :Need to be verified in repositories

Database server = Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Compare to: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle database

File Server

FTP server = ProFTPD, Pure-FTPd, vsftpd, WU-FTPD

Compare to: Unknown


Email server = hMailServer

Compare to: Microsoft Exchange server, Novell GroupWise server

Instant messaging server = Jive Messenger

Compare to: Novell GroupWise Messenger


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) = Snort

Compare to: Unknown

VPN server = OpenVPN

Compare to: Cisco VPN


Application server = JBoss

Compare to: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere

Rich Internet Application Server = OpenLaszlo

Compare to: Macromedia Flex

Statistics Generator = AWStats

Compare to: Unknown

Web server = Apache

Compare to: Microsoft Internet Information Services (ISS)

All information, otherwise specified are from:

Software Equivalents - Community Ubuntu Documentaion


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