Tips for Guys

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I feel special when I'm picked up for a date, and then brought home afterwards.

I also feel very special when a man wants to be around my friends and family, to get to know them. It shows that he's really serious about me.

I feel someone thinks about me when someone drops a phone call at unexpected times of the day.

I feel beautiful when I'm always complimented on the way I look.

I feel sexy when I'm touched all over, and not just on my private parts.

I feel a man is interested in me when he strives to learn about the things that interests me.

I feel a man is also interested in me when he pursues me with questions about myself.

I feel cared for when a man asks how my day went and demands details.

I feel respected when I have a man's full attention whenever I talk.

I feel appreciated when a man lets me know that he misses me.

I feel wonderful when a man is not afraid showing his affections towards me.

I feel secure when my man knows his boundaries.

I feel desirable whenever I receive flowers, cards and other tokens of love even without any occasion.

I feel valued when a man values my opinion, and asks for it.

I feel loved by a man who's there for me when I need him, even it's not so convenient for him.

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