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I got that fact in a website wherein i searched in yahoo. Honestly, these people got nerve. The Bible is supposed to be the book that will make you more in contact with God and his virtues and all that sort of stuff. I was quite surprised t first but when i realized that the Bible is in the market for so long, I realized it really wasn't that great.

Anyway, I attended a seminar about contraceptives that was announced in the church. I was really surprised since the church is against it and you get the picture. So I attended with a bunc of people but for us, it was mostly because of educational purposes and find out why the church had approved on these pregnancy preventive methods.

I was so damn surprised! They were talking about things that the devil works in. They say that the subtle way the devil works is through everything around us. The speaker also said that "The Devil Wears Prada" move was the work of the devil and that the commercial of Ann Curtis I think, about a specific alcoholic drink was also the work of the devil. And that the lightning is also the devil because of a passage of the Bible that said "And the devil went down from heaven like a lightning". For heaven's sake! Are these people like in shock? Panic? or mentally ill? The passage said, "LIKE a lightning" and not "a lightning". Has this person like, went though an English subject or not? There is a very big difference between the two phrases. The like a lightning pertains to the manner in which the devil traveled, you know, the speed. And so, not surprisingly, he also concluded that Harry Potter is the work of the devil and that we are all falling for it. Go figure...

It's like, everything this person sees and hear is the devil's work. Like also contraceptives because it alters the body structures and that it is bad because we're not grateful to out creator because we make changes in out body. So i asked, "drinking medicines, going under surgery, wearing clothes, using earrings and a lot of more things alters the body structure therefore, is it also bad?" He said, "NO". So, what's the difference? And so i asked.

"But if contraceptives are not used, many, especially the poor will have a lot of children and they cant really afford to take care of all these children. I had a client in the community before that only earns about 100 pesos a day and she has about 10 children. If not for contraception, this mother will have more that two dozen children"

so he answered, "Well, sex isn’t supposed to be used or done as a sort of leisure or if you are bored."

So I said to myself, (the speaker was a doctor then took up nursing; i took up nursing and now a nurse), "Did this doctor really went through the course or did he fast tracked it? i guess YES!" No wonder he didnt know this most simplest basic fact.

Is the use of contraceptive methods bad to you or not? Everything else is bad except for these 3 methods except for the billing's method (checking of vaginal discharge), basal body temperature, or total abstinence or no sex.

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